Escape Adventures: Safari Trip

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Escape Adventures: Safari Trip is a Point’n’Click adventure games developed by QuickSailor.

“During your safari trip, capture a lion, explore the amazon jungles, find gems and treasure and most important, rescue your girlfriend who was captured by the natives!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.58


5 Comments to Escape Adventures: Safari Trip

  1. Sickofit says:

    Seriously? In 2011 idiots are still creating creepy stereo-type “natives”??

    How gross.

    • Ratmq says:

      What on Earth do you prefer? Aborigionals? Indigeonous Human Species? Please educate us idiots. We so hate to be “gross’.

  2. Peaches says:

    First! :)

  3. goldie says: