Jelly Blocks

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Jelly BlocksJelly BlocksJelly Blocks is a new puzzle game created by Michael Le. The aim of the game is to connect the matching colored blocks together.

To do so, simple use the arrow keys to move the blocks, and note that all the blocks move simultaneously.

100 levels are available and your progress through the game is automatically saved after you complete a level, so you can come back later and continue where you left off.

The first 30 levels are very fast to complete; however, the later levels are more time consuming.

Simply done, Jelly Blocks becomes seriously addictive after a while!

Have fun!

Jelly Blocks – Levels 1-50 video walkthrough.
Jelly Blocks – Levels 51-100 video walkthrough.

By Eric

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179 Comments to Jelly Blocks

  1. jessica says:

    stuck on 20 plz

  2. sergio says:

    any help with 65???

  3. sara says:

    help with level 4!! i put them all together and nothing will work

  4. nàme says:

    aye help with 65 will do good

  5. Brie says:

    ughhh now i’m stuck on 53 HELP!

  6. gabrielle says:

    im stuck on leval 20 hellppppp

  7. Bookworm says:

    OMG! I need help on level 53! Which ways do you move to beat it! Help!

  8. Alyssy says:

    help with 61 pleeeeeease?

  9. Alyssy says:

    umm bookworm, just get the three blue blocks out of the enclosed area, separate the three blocks and put them together…

  10. Dave says:

    okay well… i have come to the conclusion that this game is pathetic because i have been up since 12am playing it.. it’s now 4:36 am and i gotta be at work at 6am so add onto that #99 which i DONT EVEN THINK IS POSSIBLE!!!

  11. Shmue815 says:

    I beat the game Finally Yay

  12. KatieMarie says:

    wots 24?

  13. nàme says:

    shmue help m with 65

  14. Jessi says:

    i need help on level 86

  15. friend says:


  16. topper says:

    need lvl 36!!!!

  17. jj says:

    level 36 please please please help me

  18. jj says:

    hepl on level 36

  19. theforc says:

    I’m stuck on 53, but after seeing how many people are also stuck, i have resolved to do it on my own. AWAY!!!!!!! *resets level*

  20. theforc says:

    I know what I need to do, and I’ve known since yesterday, but I can’t get into a position to do it!!!
    I so frustrated with lvl 53…

  21. dubert says:

    i can’t get level 35!!! someone please help me!!


  22. liz says:


  23. DyZzY says:

    stuck on # 85

  24. DyZzY says:

    86* i mean

  25. yer mom says:

    im on level 63….wut now losers!!!!!!

  26. killer says:

    need help on lvl19

  27. please!!! says:

    please help me with 32!!!!

  28. Kaity says:

    im stuck on level 15…help.

  29. Ava says:


  30. friend says:

    please tell me how to do level 62!!!!!

  31. Dude says:

    i need help on 62 plz plz plz

  32. Dude says:

    help on 75 plz

  33. Dude says:

    i need help on #96 plz

  34. y says:

    need helpon level 19as well come onnn guyz :P

  35. y says:

    ok ill help all u but help me on level 19!!!!!

  36. y says:

    here is level 15 ive helped u’z now help me wid level 15 o_O

  37. CJ says:

    Okay I am stuck on level 63! The video walkthrough goes too fast for me to use it!!

  38. stuck on 91 says:

    91 por favor ???????

  39. Kristul says:

    Wow. This game is addicting. I’m pretty much stuck on level 60. It seems impossible. =/

  40. Claire says:

    Help on 20 PLEASE

  41. Claire says:

    The video is too fast!!

  42. masterz XYZ says:

    need help on lvl43!

  43. kristobaal says:

    76 please?

  44. Bob Saget says:

    AL Show

  45. emma says:

    need help on level 115

  46. emma says:

    can anyone help

  47. Jo says:

    Someone show level 53
    it effing impossible

  48. james says:

    can some one help me on level 25

  49. Vince says: