Deep Chalk 4

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Good news for all Deep Chalk series fans, the fourth installment part is live!

“In a world of colourless characters and corporate secrets, there are no moral absolutes; only many shades of grey.”

Deep Chalk 4 describes itself as an “abstract puzzle game composed of lush ambient sound, macro photography and minimalist animations.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.04


3 Comments to Deep Chalk 4

  1. terrapinlogo says:

    stuck at Show

    • dg says:

      The generators are in various scenes. They are circles with 4 triangles pointing inwards. When you click a certain small square above or below such a generator, it gets “charged” and you will see a small shape in the center. Move your cursor towards that shape and it floats in the opposite direction. You have to keep moving it or it dies. You have to move it to the crystal in the top right part of the scene in which you get the message. Make sure that all visible switches connect the wires they are attached to. You don’t need to use the elevator to move between scenes.

      When you try to move that thing between different scenes, you will learn the true meaning of frustration…

  2. meida says:


    same here
    so i don’t have to blame myself now