Exit Path 2

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Exit Path 2 is the sequel to Exit Path, a platform game  created by John Cooney for Armorgames.

“Exit Path 2 is a Uniplayer and Multiplayer platforming experience, taking place in the dystopia of Central, a large faceless organization which you have escaped from.

Now finding a life underground in a secret society outside of the knowledge of Central, you are sent on a journey of sustenance to the surface!”

As good  as the original!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.61


One Comment to Exit Path 2

  1. Sol says:

    The first one was great. This one has the same feel, and they put even more effort into the music.
    Downside: Even on lowest detail, the game’s lagging for me. Is it my connection or something about the game? I miss the smooth movements and immediate response to keystrokes from the first game …