Flopad – Underground

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Flopad – Underground  is the second installment in the Flopad Point’n’Click adventure series created by Selfdefiant, the author of Super Sneaky Spy Guy.

“Your next mission as the lead detective of Floteam is to recover a power crystal that is being held in an underground facility in Brazil.

Follow the clues of the scientist Mitch Rexford and try to find the location of the crystal!

Check your E-mail for your first destination!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.49


14 Comments to Flopad – Underground

  1. Pat says:

    Nice game, but not always easy. In Mexico look for the Show

    . In Brazil Show

    . Good luck for everybody

  2. mik says:

    @ Pat
    in brazil, what do you mean with

    a little more help?

  3. job3:14 says:

    You have the code: 453. 4 digits code doesn’t mean you need 4 digits….

  4. goldie says:

    Nice game, thnx so much Eric. I love these games.!

  5. Gameseeker says:

    Stuck in Tokyo with Show

    • osmodiar says:


  6. o7upcoolyo says:

    Stuck in Mexico? Code?

  7. Wizard101 says:

    I’m stuck in Tokyo and i’ve unlocked the briefcase now i dont know what to do…

    • mishado says:

      idk where the briefase is!!!!! where is it?!?!?

      • Unicorns!! says:

        the breifcase is right next to the fish tank, to the right. you need the key from the fish tank to get it (gum + hanger, then click the gold key)

        And @wizard 101, you have to click the piece of paper. the coordinates are added to your gps. then you can move on.

        i just realized that its been quite a while and youve probably figured it out, but it might help other people? :)

  8. aliceboy says:

    Really pretty easy (almost too easy to work out the super-easy clues!), but still a very cool game with a fun design.

  9. tango says:

    how to get gum ball

  10. shahmeer says:

    completed whole game code to the facility is Show