Papa’s Freezeria

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In Papa’s Freezeria, the latest Time management game from Flipline, you’ve just started “an easy job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie’s loyal customers arrive on the island for vacation!

In this new installment in Papa Louie’s restaurant series, you’ll need to add ingredients, blend syrups and ice cream, add toppings, and serve the unique Freezeria Sundaes to your waiting customers.”

Have fun!


By Eric

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6 Comments to Papa’s Freezeria

  1. Gia says:

    I just bought the automatic ice cream pourer, and now my game seems to freeze after the ice cream is poured. I don’t kow how to get to the part where I add the mixings?! Anyone else expericence this, or am I missing something?

  2. PapaFreeze says:

    hey, i experienced that at one point in my first game, i found that refreshing the page stopped it happening

  3. Molly:) says:

    OK! you can unlock CHOCOLATE CREAM! (Instead of whipped cream) SORRY TO HAD SPOIL! :)

  4. rad says:


    thought it might be interesteing

  5. nesjae says:

    hey how do you pour the marshmallow!! it doesn’t come out after pouring the cream!

  6. chelsea says:

    I want to know every customer can some one help me!