Challenge Accepted

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Challenge Accepted is a puzzle platformer developed by Jacob Pariseau and Marcus Pasell.

“To win each level, you must simply press the button and proceed to the exit.

However, each level has its own challenges you must conform too, such as not jumping, a time limit, and many more.”

Have fun!

By Eric

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27 Comments to Challenge Accepted

  1. me me and me says:

    Yeah !

    That’s a very good platformer !!! the first since a long time :-D


  2. a guy says:

    im stuck on the first timed one its impossible

  3. Someone says:

    Use Google Chrome ;)

  4. Hello says:

    Im stuck in level 4 too. I use google chrome

  5. pweasehelppp says:

    stuck on level five :/

    • Minty says:

      level 5 is easier than it looks. jump down and get the button. jump down again onto the platform. then jump onto the next platform then move left. ull end up on the other side. move left again. ull end up on the top of the screen. move left to the door and your done.

  6. anonymyyy says:

    level 10!! help me someone!!!

  7. JayTeezy says:

    how do u pass level 4? i cant get past it.

    • Meowzzas says:

      The trick to level four is to never stop moving. Get to the red button, and if it helps, look where the next door will be, and plan on how to get there. Once you figure it out, just restart with your plan, and what ever you do, DO NOT STOP MOVING!!!!

  8. Olivia says:


    • Meowzzas says:

      Wait for only ONE of the moving things to be on the right side, then jump, once you jump, move to the left to avoid the black thing. Hope it helps!

  9. Ashleigh says:

    this is so sad but i cant get pas level 2 help please

  10. Falconese says:

    IIIIIIIIII can’t get past level 1 lol what button are they talking about?

  11. Zoe says:

    How do you get past level 5? I press the button, jump down, and land at the top left of the screen then hit spikes and die. WHAT DO I DO?!

  12. Anna says:

    Im stuck on level 12!!!!! PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. SoyMilk says:

    Level 21, any help?

  14. DNOMN8R says:

    There are 25 levels; I finally beat the game. I’ll help, but I can’t remember which level is which right now.

  15. bella says:

    level 6?????

    • Bambii says:

      I am stuck on six too right before the red button i cant get to the second ledge… grrr

  16. daniee says:

    how do i beat level 7? 3:

  17. CHUCK nORRIS says:


  18. Kaitlin says:

    How do you do level 5?!?!?! Tried so many times!!!

    • Alyssa says:

      Well, it took me a while but, its easier than you think! you jump off the platform you start on and on to the button, the you jump on to the tiny platform below that one, the jump to the platform on the left side that takes you to the right side and that’s how you finish that level

  19. la mona sanz says:

    Level 23 … this is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!1