Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality

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Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality is a puzzle platformer from Chris Underwood where you have to “guide an endless supply of hapless monkeys through a maze of twisted puzzle platforming levels.

Use the power of your mind to literally warp the level to your will!”

This game features 4 separate endings, 20 achievements and over 50 levels.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.55


5 Comments to Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality

  1. Unowninator says:

    I can’t believe this game doesn’t save my level progress. I close the window, then go to play it again & I’m back at level 1.

  2. Pete says:

    If you have an infinite number of monkeys, then you don’t need an infinite amount of time. You would only need the shortest amount of time that the code could be written in. One of those monkeys would write it right away.

    If you have an infinite amount of time, you only need one monkey. Sooner or later, it will write the game.

    In all cases, it is of course assumed that the monkeys press random letters (which in reality they wouldn’t), and that they live forever.

  3. Nidoking02 says:

    Where is the cat Eric , he’s somewhere in game

  4. Zack says: