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Pusher is a 40-level puzzler by Sergei Gainullin where you have to use boxes to throw all the evil robots out.

“Avoid spikes, laser beams and robots.

Use movable object as a shield against laser beams and spikes and as a weapon against robots.”

Have fun!

By Eric

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38 Comments to Pusher

  1. bre says:

    so fun but stuck on level 13

  2. Sarah says:

    Yes, much fun, strategy game. Also stuck but on level 19. Maybe I need to change my eyeglass prescription, I see nothing possible. Have to find a walkthrough or try again after a couple of strong coffees. ^^

    • Sarah says:

      Hey admins, can I change that toothy pink guy for something more soft? It looks like I am an ogre ready to bite in everything that moves! Which I am not.
      Thank you for caring… or please give some explanation?

      • bre says:

        i finally passed 14…thanks tho but i am now stuck on 15 i believe its gonna get harder n harder

  3. Peaches says:

    anybody have any help for level 19???

    • bre says:

      do you think you can show me how to do level 14….i ran out of options

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Bre,

        I wish I could help but I can’t go back to 14 and don’t remember what it is. And often completion comes after many random moves. So to trace back all the steps would mean trying everything again. There doesn’t seem to be a walkthrough on the web yet, and no video. I wish we could choose a level.
        Good luck and I am still on level 19 as Peaches is.

  4. Nik says:

    Level 19 Show

  5. sell says:

    help me for level 12

  6. ruslan says:

    help me. lvl14

    • wendydarling says:


    • Sean says:

      Solution to 14: Show

      I’m sure you missed one step is all!

  7. Sarah says:


    Hang in there, you will be ok. Now, if you get NOT stuck on 19, well… lol. I am in Escape from the Living Room 2 at the moment. Pusher will wait.

  8. Sarah says:

    Hey Nik!

    I guess YOU took the two coffees I said I would have. I see it very clearly now. Of course… lol. THANKS! ^^ Now I can go on and enjoy this game.

  9. CasualPlayer says:

    Not really easy at level 19. But the level 25 is a step that seems very difficult to cross

  10. Barbotus says:

    This will get you there for Lvl 14. Only two stars, so apparently it can be done with fewer moves, but this will get you by.


    • Sarah says:

      Hello Barbotus,

      Bre has already passed 14 but I guess Ruslan will use it if still needed. Thank you.

      Level 21 needs a bit of time to figure out so I will come back to it later.

    • ruslan says:

      Thank you. It was so easy. But I finished 14 level with 3 stars))

  11. Emma says:

    i cant beat level 7 :(

  12. kjlgyf says:

    I’m stuck on Level 13! Please help! LOL

  13. wendydarling says:

    Anyone get Lvl 21?

  14. ruslan says:

    please help lvl21

  15. pamela cute says:

    lvl 12 help me damn ! xDD

    • Sean says:

      Solution to level 12: [spoiler]twenty-one moves: move left – grab block and move left – up – detach and move down – left – up – attach and move right – down – right (get those f$ckers) – left – up – right – detach and move down – left – up – right – attach and move down – move down a space on the block – up – left – right, and finish those f** off! [/spoiler}

      Have fun! If you get past 19 help me, please!

  16. Sean says:

    Who knows the solution to level 19?

  17. Sean says:

    Nevermind, I read Nik’s post..