Silly Sausage

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Good news for Nitrome‘s fans, they have just released their latest game, Silly Sausage.

Here is the description received from Mat Annal: “In the game you play as a stretchy sausage dog that must reach each exit in a game that plays like a cross between snake and the old game Robocod (James Pond 2).

It is part of our retro range of games (N.E.S. – Nitrome Enjoyment System) we are making and as such has a little retro joke in the form of a cheats system/cartridge called ‘Game Muscle’.

At the moment we are leaving it up to people to guess the cheats but we should be revealing them in different places (blog, twitter, Facebook) in the near future.”

You will love this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

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9 Comments to Silly Sausage

  1. Unowninator says:

    Let’s post any passwords we find. I found two. One is “nitrome”. The other is “reverse”.

    • Unowninator says:

      Found another one, except I can’t take credit for this one (found it on The password is “hotdogs”.

  2. afsd says:

    what does those code do

  3. Bm says:

    Chicken:- gives you 2 extra lives
    Flipped:- reverses the level window upside down
    Muscles:- is actually kind ov a challenge as it gives you only 1 life every level
    Hotdogs:- changes the diamonds to hotdogs
    Reverse:- inverts your keyboard commands
    Nitrome:- jus changes the theme

  4. Knuckl3head says:

    A few more cheats are:
    Grandpa-Halves the Speed of Enemies
    Present- Bones randomly apear on screen
    Poomode-I’m not saying what it does here on the Forum.

  5. Knuckl3head says:

    Those were SO easy to find! Show