Escape Magenta Room

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Escape Magenta RoomEscape Magenta RoomEscape Magenta is a new Russian Room Escape game created by PaskaPet, the author of the previously reviewed Escape Library and Escape Pink Room from 2keys Games.

Your ex-girl friend hid all your tools in the Magenta Room and locked the door! Once again, you will find a lot of items in this game, and not all of them are useful. Your inventory can only contain a limited number of items, so pick them wisely.

Escape Magenta Room is as fun as the previous games released by the author. Check the Magenta Room and every item closely and…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comments #19, #20 and #29 (thanks MissK and PaskaPet!)

By Eric

current rating 4.35


138 Comments to Escape Magenta Room

  1. 74501 says:

    its on the what the hell i cant do this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant find those pappers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. NIDS says:

    ok I did the whole binary converter thing..but my code doesnt work…(and yes it was in the order i collected confused…..PLEASE HELP

  3. NIDS says:

    oh never mind!!! I GOOT IT!! YAAAY!!!

  4. mike 72 says:

    listen i found something
    i need help
    i found a paper in a drawer top right in the cupboard
    it seas something about decoding
    i hope it helps
    ok now my codes are:
    2.,3. and 4.
    0lll,l0ll and 00l0
    whats the code?

  5. mike 72 says:

    is anybody on?

  6. mike 72 says:

    cuse ive got a different code

  7. mike 72 says:

    i found a site bye

  8. demika says:

    how do you lite the fire

  9. EscapeR says:


    A Very Clear Walkthrough:
    This Walkthrough is very simple. This is the second game in this series I finished:

















    Happy Playing! Hehe… Your Welcome, I guess.

  10. EscapeR says:

    There finally got it

  11. EscapeR says:

    You’ll know if the spoiler works:
    If you highlight the text and cilck Preview and it say’s undefined

  12. mne says:

    wats the girls name?

  13. jasmine says:

    what is the code to the last safe near the fire place i don;t get this binary thing at all please help me

  14. maka says:

    HOW THE CONVERTER WORKS? Here it is: Show

  15. Sarah says:

    two of my combos dont turn up in my converter.

    my numbers are (in the order the walkthrough gives them)

    1110 0100 1010 1101

    Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!

  16. Gramm McDaniel who is only 13-years-old says:

    Dude this game is Freakin easy I beat it in 5 min. and I didn’t even use the walkthroughs.XD

  17. ChocoLate says:

    Sarah u r supposed 2 have 5 combos not 4

  18. Kilo Kilo says:

    this is the code that worked for me on the safe Show

  19. amy says:

    u dnt no wot u on bout

  20. shayna Onosai says:

    i put in the paper from windom and the firewook and i grab the still doesnt something wrong wit my comp?

    • bob is better-than-you says:

      you need to have the match box in your inventory for it to work.

  21. dee says:

    ok i need help my code is 1011 0000 0000 1011 0111 plz help me

  22. Necie' says:

    shayna , you checked drawer for matchbox? U can only lite wood if u have the matchbox along with the matchstick.

  23. tristen9988 says:

    wut number do u type in the safe in the beginning room?

    • moni says:

      u have to see Show

  24. sweet *** says:

    I can not get the names of the Ex- girlfriend to work how do i do it

  25. ind says:

    where is the telephone or mobile i cant find it

  26. ind says:

    someone answer the question

  27. Jen says:

    i don’t get the part about the binary code- it did not help at all

  28. Arnika says:

    The walkthrough is unhelpful at all

  29. beth says:

    what does yetti become cause thats the name of the girl

  30. b cool says:

    what the i dont understand this code i got the name yetta what is this as a code