Space is Key

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Space is Key is a one-button skill game by Chris Jeffrey that will drive you crazy!

Space is the key.

Can you complete the game without smashing you keyboard in frustration?

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.14


5 Comments to Space is Key

  1. Irid says:

    Out, with 495 deaths

  2. osmodiar says:

    Not that much fun. I got bored long before I got frustrated.

  3. arsenicsauce says:

    awesome game. played it the other day on Kongregate.

    Oh did I say awesome? i meant extremely frustrating.

  4. BigDaadee says:

    412 deaths… felt more like 4120 deaths.

  5. Random Boy says:

    OH YEAH, 395 DEATHS xD
    pretty cool concept, but too hard at times -.-‘