Warbears – Puzzle Mission

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Warbears - Puzzle MissionWarbears - Puzzle MissionThe Warbears are on their way to the location of Mission 3, but something has diverted their attention!

Puzzle Mission is a Collapse-like puzzle game  (something between Samegame and Tetris) created by Gionatan Iasio that was launched today at Warbears.com.

Here is the announcement I received in my email box earlier today:

“Puzzle Mission’ is a simple blocks style game (note: or a Samegame-like game), but with the usual Warbears twist. Cool animations, in game puzzles to knock out additional blocks, and the Warbears themselves get involved to allow you to take out the more troublesome squares. Based over 10 levels it’s highly addictive and will keep you coming back for more!

The idea is to keep the blocks as low as possible by clicking 3 (or more) blocks of the same color. A new row of blocks come up about every twenty seconds or so, as the game progresses new features and colors arise. Speed up the new rows by clicking the arrow next to the Warbear!

One of the puzzles which arises is a “?” in a black box which you then click to figure out the puzzle. Stone blocks start to come up too, but you can use the Warbears special skills to get rid of them.”

Simply click groups of 3 blocks or more of the same color to eliminate them.

All in All, Puzzle Mission is a simple and well polished puzzle game, with tons of cool animations. If you are a Samegame fan, you will enjoy Puzzle Mission. Oh, and don’t forget to register if you want to submit your score!

Have fun!

By Eric

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3 Comments to Warbears – Puzzle Mission

  1. Rp says:

    This game is so cute. I love it!

  2. Nightingale says:

    someone help me with the black boxes :(
    i’ve been playing this for months and still dont get what they are for

  3. NoOfYourBiz says:

    How do you do the # Blocks, where it is 1, 2, 3,4 5, and a blank space? It is where the 1 is red, and the 5 is like blue