Cardboard Box Assembler

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Cardboard Box Assembler is a 3D platform puzzler developed by Miguel Angel Perez Martinez and Fernando Ramallo.

Your goal here is to collect keys to escape the cardboard box and find gems to unlock hidden worlds.


Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.47


10 Comments to Cardboard Box Assembler

  1. WonderWorm says:

    I can only get one gem in level VIII/4. I think I’ve done all the combinations of doors, though. Help, anyone?
    Get one gem: Show

    To exit: Show

    • Unowninator says:

      I know how to get the 2nd one, but I’m still stumped about the last one.


      But like I said, I’m still stumped on the 3rd one.

      • Unowninator says:

        Well, I figured out how to get the last crystal:

        To get the crystal:

        To get that:Show

    • nina clements says:

      so you go through the first door, you will have to choose between the left and right door, take the left, then it will take you to the part with the six doors, three on the left, three on the right, you take the bottom door on the left, it will take you back to the same place with the six doors, you then climb up the right ladder and take the top door and it will take you to one gem, then you have to go onto that last bonus round where its an invisible structure and you have to get that last bonus prize which is a thing that will let you flip any direction you want to by pressing the “R” key on your key board, and you go into the first door again and turn upside down to get that last gem, i really hope this helps, best wishes :)

      • nina clements says:

        for the first one after you go through the bottom left door to of the six doors , when it brings you back you can also go through the middle right door ant it will take you to another level

  2. osmodiar says:

    The second bonus levelShow

  3. fuegomanchego says:

    why is this getting such a low rating on this site? it’s a fantastic, innovative, engaging puzzler. control mechanism could have been a little better, but overall an amazing game. have to come back and finish it later, i might have got a bit addicted…..

  4. sidera says:

    How can I get the 3rd bonus item?
    I got all the gems but I couldn’t got it…

  5. Simon says:

    wut is the code in bonus level 2 with the 3 letter code???

    • RoZ says:

      you have to guess the number and check back where it says ???>(insert your number choice here) then it will change the sign to tell you if the mystery number is larger or smaller than your guess. keep trying. it’s different every time. mine was 715