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One On OneOne On OneOne On One is the latest game released by the French developer JP from Following Soccer challenge released three weeks ago (and previously reviewed here), One On One is the second game designed by JP to celebrate the next soccer world cup which will start tomorrow in Germany.

In One On One, your avatar is a soccer player who will have to defeat four different goalkeepers. Use your mouse to control your player on the field and try to score goals. For each goal you score one point. The goalkeeper scores one point each time he catches the ball within the penalty area. To defeat a goalkeeper, score 7 points first!

A training option is included in the nicely done tutorial. Graphics and animations are great but what makes this game interesting is definitely the difficulty, very well managed and increasing progressively: if it is pretty easy to defeat the first goalkeeper, it is much more tricky to defeat the last one, a famous Dyno!

Another really nice implementation is the save and load scores option, which allows you to save and update your high score each time you defeat a goalkeeper. Don’t forget to register before playing if you want to save your high score and improve it later.

If you like playing soccer, you should definitely enjoy playing with One On One for a while. Recommended. Have fun!

By Eric

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    i love football