HILG – Roof Escape 2

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Roof Escape 2 is another Room Escape game from HILG, the author of JROOM, Camel Eye, Favorite, Anonymous, Alloy, Fancy Maze Case 1, U Sensor 2 and many more games.

Click the yellow button in the bottom left corner of the game window to switch between Japanese and English.

Have fun!

Roof Escape 2 walkthroughs here and there
(thanks Sol and Reigera 28 !)

By Eric

current rating 2.64

12 Comments to HILG – Roof Escape 2

  1. Genie says:

    Too much of a pixel hunt. I’m out of here…

  2. ganariv says:

    huft…. stuck in lift

  3. Sol says:

    What is it that makes Japanese escape game designers like elevator muzak so much? Gets annoying after a while.
    Otherwise, let’s have a look at this one.

  4. Serebix says:

    I opened the door to the life and found two plates with color hint on it but i can’t put a code in the iron door.

  5. Sol says:


  6. Reigera 28 says:








    Please apologize any grammatical mistakes.

    I hope you enjoyed my walkthough.

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