Escape from the Lodge

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Escape from the Lodge is the latest Room Escape game released by Tesshi-e, the author of Escape from Tatami Room 2, Escape from Santa’s Room, Escape from the Art Studio, Escape from the Same Room 2 and many more.

Have fun!

Escape from the Lodge walkthrough (thanks Genie!)

Note: scroll down to play the game.

By Eric

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11 Comments to Escape from the Lodge

  1. Genie says:

    If Google has translated well, there are 4 endings to this one. I think I’ll leave the game loading and go have breakfast first!

  2. Genie says:

    I’ve Show

    I also have several ideas/hints but not making much progress with them.

  3. Pat says:

    Hi Genie, i´m with you :). Where do you used the plate? I have no idea. Another key and found screws under left board in bathroom.

  4. seku says:

    there is a hint under the cup from cupboard

  5. seku says:

    did anyone manage to get the thing under the bed?

  6. Pat says:

    @seku: behind the door in the bathroom (turn twice), you find a stick. Use it under the bed.

  7. Genie says:

    Pat, use the plate Show

    to give part of a code.

    I’m out now.. walkthrough coming up.

  8. Genie says:

    Walkthrough for the happy end:

    Disclaimer: your numbers for the codes may vary (I haven’t run through again to check).


    Alternative endings (taken from EG24 as I’m not going to run through again for these options):
    All as above except
    1) Show

    2) Show

    3) Show

  9. Pat says:

    Thanks Genie. Hope, your breakfast was delicious. In Germany it´s time for a coffee… Have a look to your walkthrough later, because i´m stuck with coffee powder and string.

  10. fierceandsassy says:

    regarding the walkthrough…


  11. aliceboy says:

    Pretty decent, but I found myself stumped by the jars with the purple balls. I might’ve worked it out eventually, but I could’ve sworn I tried Show

    before! Still, another quality Tesshi-e.