Chicka – Episode 1

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Chicka – Episode 1 is the latest Room Escape game from Pixelkobo.

As often in Pixelkobo’s game, the action takes place in the future in a small spaceship. And as usual, Chicka – Episode 1 features very good rendered 3D graphics!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.21


7 Comments to Chicka – Episode 1

  1. neocro says:

    Let´s try it.

  2. neocro says:

    Stuck in the first room. Got a code. No hint for the ridle with the Horizontal and vertical line!

    Its late in germany.. i’ll try it tomorrow.


  3. dee says:

    stuck…..found key card 1 and letters egfx dont know for what. stuck in 1 door 2nd room.

  4. White Wolf says:

    Can’t read the monitor but got out OK. I think the monitor is hints until you need it at the end. You don’t have to click on the inventory to use it.

    There are other routes out. Here is one…..

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show


    5. Show

    You can play the game again for another route. I’ll check that later.
    Good Luck!

    • White Wolf says:

      When you play the other route….



  5. dee says:

    Thanks WOLF your brilliant!!!!

  6. WonderWorm says:

    Where was the Show