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RGBRGBRGB is a brand new Room Escape game created by the Japanese developer Neutral, the author of the popular Sphere. The game is available in both English and Japanese.

As usual, you are trapped in a room and need to find a way to get out. Search for items everywhere, combine some of them, find the RGB codes and enjoy the experience.

RGB is a great looking Room Escape game, with very polished graphics that should keep you challenge for a while. Note that you can save your progress at any time. I have the feeling that a lot of people will spend hours playing RGB!

Have fun!

On a side note, have you noticed the Orange Ball Clock on the wall? This beautiful clock was designed by George Nelson in the 1950’s and has become an Icon of Modern Design…

RGB walkthrough (thanks Moebius!)
RGB video walkthrough!

By Eric

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129 Comments to RGB

  1. MissieT says:

    HELP! I need help! I can’t figure out how to get the squirrel! Can anyone tell me how?

  2. m says:

    hi what is the message for the code to the door

  3. deirdree says:

    it is a frog, monkey and a cat

  4. mayz says:



  5. Jay says:

    this game is really cool. i want them to make another one. i had everyone in my family trying to win it, but hehe only me and my brother-in-law beat it. i had fun. and thanks to everyone for helping.

  6. sCYTHe says:

    I found something else

  7. DopeyDog says:



    One question: WTF is at the end of the walkway of the true ending?

  8. DopeyDog says:

    n00b$! If you can’t beat this easy game then go back to playing Noob’s Room!

  9. sCYTHe says:

    I found something new about the heads of the animals;
    Probably clues to get the second ending.

    Does anyone knows what’s next?

  10. sCYTHe says:

    I found it myself hehe

  11. Helpmeeeee says:

    I can’t get the yellow coin from the /spoiler

  12. Helpmeeeee says:

    ok, nvm the coin question, but i did put in all coins, pressed the lever, but nothing happend

  13. 2007 says:

    umm i opened the door with the klenex boxes but how do i get the squirrel

  14. christen says:

    I AM STUCK!!! I have followed everyones walk threw and I can not get out!
    I dont understand this:


  15. daniel says:

    i´m stuuuccckkkkk!! after the part that you get the combination for the full of boxes door, i dont know how the f€#k do i have to push the yellow tile!!!?!??!?!??!

  16. daniel says:

    dont worry now i already get it , there is some dudes that doesnt know how to exprese themseleves!!!!

  17. googoo says:

    how do you open the box on the couch i dont u/s!!!!!

  18. christen says:


  19. Ant says:

    how do you know that the true ending numbers are in this order??? (X, III, VII, V, II)

  20. Heather says:

    i dont understand the instruction to open the box.. i found all the words already but in what order do u press the buttons to open the box? i tried 1.fax 2.fox 3.bee 4.dog but press all of them it didnt work.. someone else did the same thing then said they figured it out.. but im lost.. help? please? :) thanks!

  21. Hannah-Louise says:

    how do you move the heads on the wooden things down it doesnt work!!!!!!!

  22. discostu says:

    where is the blue coin?

  23. Ruby says:

    To Tim
    There are four codes, not only the Bee one.
    (also Dog, Fax, Fox )
    Find them all copy the codes down then close the light, turn to the couch u’ll see “Box” (mention the colour of the word)on the wall then you can figur out how it work.

  24. Ruby says:

    To discostu

    To Hannah-Louise-(and other people)

  25. Ruby says:

    U’ll see, “B” of the BOX is red.”Bee” is the only code include”B” and it’s red.
    “O” of the BOX is also red.”Dog” and “Fox” both include”O”, but “Fox” is wrote in yellow, “Dog” is the one we want, it’s red.
    “X” of the BOX is yellow. “Fax” and”Fox” both include “X”.Now, u know, choose the yellow one, and it’s “Fox”.
    B is the first letter of Bee. Bee= three colour shape codes. Use the first code.
    Use the second code in “Dog”
    Use the third code in “Fox”
    (blue square, yellow triangle, green circle.)

  26. Mauser says:

    ure suposed to wait till august man!!!

  27. BRANDON says:

    how do you get the screw driver out of the plant ive used the bottle of water but how do you water it some one please help me :(

  28. friker says:

    if you put the feets with the right heads then [spoiler]you must press until their eyes light and then turn the lights off (of the room) you must get I03752 what means 10=X 3=III 7=VII 5=V 2=II put the coins in this order you will get the right ending

  29. BRANDON says:

    and yes i have already opened the bottle of water….??

  30. bottle man says:

    how the flipping **** do i open the bottle?
    i have the opener but it wont open it…..
    i click and i click and this is driving me nuts

  31. Jejeje says:

    When the eyes starts to glow, turn of the light and look at the wall …

  32. Jejeje says:

    1-0-3-7-5-2 = X-III-VII-V-II
    But the 1-0 is 10 ^^ Wuhu!

  33. KLA says:

    I can’t get the screwdriver to fix the lever. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  34. SickO says:

    I dont understand that code on the wall:10 3 7 5 2, what has got to do this with the coins??? The coins have colors, but no numbers, no? what is than the order of the colors??

  35. SickO says:

    nvm, I found it :)

  36. danixx says:

    iv got a doll, a bottle, and 4 coins and i know where u put the doll.
    ani1 help?

  37. Midori says:

    How do I

  38. Midori says:

    I ask for my friend:


  39. russain drag queen says:


  40. Dave says:

    To Midori:


  41. flyingblade says:

    Done by myself!! it’s so cool. Have found both of the exits. True Ending!!

  42. kit kat says:

    Where is the cutter? i can’t find it!

  43. Michelle says:

    I stuck i got all the stuff but when im got the bottle took the cap of i put the water in the plant but nothing happens please help me !!!!

  44. erica says:

    where i can get n gray coin?

  45. Bob says:

    You have to stick screwdriver where the coin machine lever is meant to be

  46. Molina says:

    Thera are TWO doors!!!
    I will explain how to get to the REAL FINISH
    First… follow the walktrough BUT….

    Sorry if my english sucks ^^

  47. zerge says:

    i cant puch the carpet please help me!!

  48. zerge says:

    i cant find the blue coin where is it? i did the exit thingy i turned back but i cant find the blue coin!?

  49. someone says:

    ughh!!! moebius! you told me the worng exit!!! if u are goin to put a walkthru! do it right!!!!!