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RGBRGBRGB is a brand new Room Escape game created by the Japanese developer Neutral, the author of the popular Sphere. The game is available in both English and Japanese.

As usual, you are trapped in a room and need to find a way to get out. Search for items everywhere, combine some of them, find the RGB codes and enjoy the experience.

RGB is a great looking Room Escape game, with very polished graphics that should keep you challenge for a while. Note that you can save your progress at any time. I have the feeling that a lot of people will spend hours playing RGB!

Have fun!

On a side note, have you noticed the Orange Ball Clock on the wall? This beautiful clock was designed by George Nelson in the 1950’s and has become an Icon of Modern Design…

RGB walkthrough (thanks Moebius!)
RGB video walkthrough!

By Eric

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129 Comments to RGB

  1. mammy says:

    anyone here who can help?

  2. goldie says:

    I have a doll, and bottle.

  3. stivi says:

    I have the doll, three coins, one screwdriver, a bottle and a something to open it. I use this to open tha bottle, and use tha bottle in tha plane near the coach. I put tha doll in the wooden thing up to tha table and that is all!

  4. stivi says:

    any one help?please….

  5. chika says:

    Where did you find the screwdriver and the bottle-open-thing stivi?

  6. Moebius says:

    Where is the screwdriver?

  7. LadyLiriel says:

    Where is the screwdriver? and where can i find something to open the bottle?
    please :-)

  8. stivi says:

    the bottle is in the cupboard
    when you find tha combination for tha box it gives a paper and the thing to open tha bottle

  9. stivi says:

    when you open the bottle drop the fluid to the plant near the coach
    there you will find the screwdriver
    i don`t know what to do more….i also need help

  10. Moebius says:

    I put the coins in a gray box on the wall but nothing happened. Where is the screwdriver?. I found a coin inside a cushion in couch but I cant get it.

  11. Moebius says:

    What is the combination? I have four (Fax, Fox, Bee and Dog) but no one goes

  12. Moebius says:

    I tried BOX (B from bee, O from dog or fox and X from fax or fox) using colours that shown turning the lights off (red, red, yellow) but nothing happened

  13. mammy says:

    Moebuis…iam at the same place..the code …pleace

  14. stivi says:

    the combination is the box
    the coin that you have to find are four and i only found the three of them
    i also cannot take the coin of the couch

  15. LadyLiriel says:


  16. mammy says:


  17. Moebius says:

    I get the wooden monkey’s head and body separated

  18. Moebius says:

    I got a cutter, the fourth coin, the key in the left picture and opened the cupboard. Got another wooden animal, and pliers

  19. Ajukala says:

    The code for the box is Show

    Then i got a bottle opener, a scheme which coins should be dropped int a “machine” and a screw driver from the plant. Then stuck.
    Any ideas about the fallen picture?

  20. stivi says:

    i did all the things you said….i don`t know what to do next … 0((((

  21. drongo says:

    the coins fit into the thing below the window but it dosn’t do anything I think you need all of them I can not find that screwdriver or bottle opener anywhere!!! ANYONE?

  22. Moebius says:


  23. LadyLiriel says:

    out! finish! all by my self…more or less!!

  24. mammy says:

    how do you get the wooden monkey’s head and body separated?

  25. drongo says:

    The monkeys head is driving me nuts how do you do it?

  26. Ajukala says:

    mammy> follow the idirections shown on a painting on the stand:-)

  27. mammy says:


  28. Moebius says:








  29. Ajukala says:

    Thnx Moebius. U gave me some right hints.
    I wonder did i put the right heads on bodies, as I matched them from the first time without reading ur last spoiler. Is it necessary to mix the heads or they go as they are?

  30. drongo says:

    If you dont put the heads on the right bodies you still get out, but if you do there is code up on the wall for an another exit

  31. drongo says:

    Out found the true ending yeah

  32. DNOMN8R says:

    I can’t cut the couch cushion!

  33. anny says:

    please smb help me with that cutter.where exactly on the couch should i use it.i cant do anything:(

  34. anny says:

    to DNOMN8R u must click under the couch and it comes closer.than u click on the right end of the right cushion.i just did it.i hopr its helpful for u

  35. DaNoBiE says:

    after i put up the dolls on wif the correct head
    i got this words when i close the lights

  36. A says:


  37. A says:

    nm i got it :-)

  38. A says:


  39. DaNoBiE says:

    i score the true ending
    just for fun i`m giving ya


  40. DaNoBiE says:

    but u need to Show

  41. goldie says:

    Thnx all,i am finish,beautiful game,greets from Holland.

  42. Pinky says:

    anybody else having trouble loading this game? Gets to 48% and stops, grrrrrrr!

  43. Confused says:

    how do you water the plant?

  44. sarasar says:

    how do u move the heads??

  45. robin says:

    can someone tell me where to get the x coin

  46. robin says:

    i have done the first ending but where is the other? i got the code by the way

  47. NZV says:

    hhahahahhahahA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show

  48. Shortuys says:

    Omg!!! I love this game!!! the perfect ironi xD

  49. Tim says:

    i’m confused, my code for Bee is blue square, yellow circle, yellow circle. How does that work? I’ve tried changing one out for the other (square/circle), but that doesn’t seem to work either.

  50. Tim says:

    Nevermind, I was trying to type in all letters/colors. Had to look back at other comments. Sorry.