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Odd PawnOdd PawnOddPawn is an interesting Riddle game created by AWP and DonD that popped up in June 2007.

Your main goal in a Riddle game is to reach the next page by solving the riddles. To do so, usually you just need to change the last part of the URL (The address of the web page) with the word you found solving the riddle.

In OddPawn, simply use the answerbox to enter your answer(s). OddPawn automatically saves your progress and keeps track of all your answers. 50 levels or so are currently available, and the authors plan to add more levels to the game in the future…

Have fun!

Update: the game is playable in FF and Opera – except the sound!! You ‘ve been forewarned!

Update: 09-16-07 – OddPawn v2 is online! The game is expanding and chapters 2 and 3 are up now!

Update: 12-15-07 – OddPawn v3 is online! 50 new levels and two more chapters have been launched. This means that 5 chapters are now available for your riddling pleasure. A few new features has been launched as well, such as online chat at each level and a progress bar showing you how far in the game you are.

Update: 06-01-08 – Chapter 7, The Oddfather is up now!

By Eric

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887 Comments to OddPawn

  1. sammie-b- says:

    can anyone please help me on Level: Command & Conquer on Easy Oddventure ?

  2. eap says:

    I need a hint for level L (50), the maze. I have Show


  3. TAZ says:

    omg! i finallygo 42. heres a walkthrough:



    here are the numbers of u cant find them:

    • Elena says:

      I have been searching for those numbers for ever! the only one I was able to find was Show

      which picture editor did you use? I just need to invert the picture???

  4. TAZ says:

    ok i got the “secret level” here it is:

  5. TAZ says:

    eap… i have gotten to: Show

    please help

  6. TAZ says:

    please!!!!!!!!!! if anyone could give me a direct answer to level 50 that would be AMAZING! been stuck for week now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!!!

  7. kaankanat says:

    Can you help me about first checkpoint. (About chat rooms.)
    If you say answer it will be good

  8. Marios says:

    Anyone on chapter 2?

    I need some help with level Tango.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Jamie says:

    Help!! I have been on level 17 for 2 days now. I have all the color names and have googled them but I feel really stupid.

  10. celia says:

    hello!! i’m stuck on level golf like for ages!! can i have some help please? i have the first egg but i have no idea what to do next…

  11. Estic says:

    Any hint for first checkpoint? The chat it is not working and I don’t have any clue for how can i use the /motd thing

  12. Nalen says:

    Answer to the first checkpoint is Show

  13. Abel says:

    Hey Nalen,
    Do you play oddpawn? If I open Oddpawn I get a site about blogs and cant find it anywhere else. Do you know where to find it? Plzz comment it here!
    Thank you.


  14. nouf says:

    hi can any one help me on ( What’s the first eight decimals of (PI)?? plzzzzzzzzz

  15. Nico says:

    Nouf you can google PI and you’ll find out

    At the moment I need help on level “Command & Conquer” in the Easy level.

  16. eriko33 says:

    Can someone please help me with level 38?!?!?! I have no idea how to find any numbers!

  17. being says:

    I’m on that two. I know the numbers but i can’t seem to find the right word Show

  18. being says:

    i’ve tried to look at the ass but i can’t find a single word…

  19. Jimmer says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I need help with Level XLVI Johnny Cash

    Listened to the Dalek voice multiple times but have no clue what is said


  20. Baldwinoo00 says:

    I’m stucked on 13th lvl..i’m on it for soo loong time. I found 4 “numbers” and releted to them 4 eggs. I can’t combine it with movie…give me a hint plz!!

  21. nouf says:

    thankx theana

  22. kaxxina says:

    Any help for the window … level 15?

  23. nouf says:

    can u help me on level 10 (X) lease?????? :((

  24. Andy says:

    Someone please help with level 47. I´ve tried everything by now and i´m really stuck. I know the song is fear of the dark but I can´t seem to find the right answer…

  25. Stephanie says:

    can someone help me with level 24.. the one with the maths… i found the numbers but i don’t know what to do then…

    • aprater says:

      I was stuck on this one for days. You need to think vertical math and convert the numbers. Good Luck! :D

      • Taylor says:

        can you please give me a bigggg hint. I added each number vertically and got Show

        but what do you mean by convert? convert them to letters? or what please help :(

  26. qwertie says:

    can someone please help me with Level 50 (L)?
    i read the book, but i don’t know what to do next.
    I’ve tried everything :S

    • jalynn says:

      If you can’t get any farther, turn around and start again.
      If your answers are correct you will be given the correct answer. ;)

  27. Mackenzie says:

    Can someone give me a hint to lvl. 20?

    • jalynn says:

      Size matters, the numbers are different sizes. Arrange them small-large.
      How could you convert that into a word?
      It’s one of the first ciphers that kids learn ;)

  28. level 25 has no answer says:

    im pretty sad to see that in all this ENTIRE mess of posts, no one cared enough to leave a SINGLE helpful hint on level 25… even though many have asked about it! thats really sad!

    • jalynn says:

      Once you find all the names, write them down in a line and look at the “first” of their names. :)

  29. jalynn says:

    I need hints for a few levels if anyone can help.

    Some Like It Odd — Golf (no idea how to even begin)
    Return of The Pawn — Denethor (have all logos, what next?)
    GramPawn Simpson — Bart (egg with letters xcymqp)
    Easy Oddventure — Secret of Monkey Island (only got one egg)

  30. Taylor says:


    but what do I do after that??? I heard something about Show

    but that didn’t do anything. I’ve read anything and everything about this and still have nothing. I feel like its right in front of my face and I feel stupid but its DRIVING ME CRAZY can someone PLEEEAASEEEE give me a hint. if need be, you can email it to me! just let me know AHHHRRGGG

  31. gianer says:

    pls help me with level 7!!!!

  32. Nalamin says:

    I’m stuck on 44. I know what roles they played, now what?

  33. Raynor97 says:

    Can someone help me with level 15? I’ve gotten to the audio file part, but I don’t understand what the guy is saying. Any help?

  34. potato says:

    im having lots of trouble on 10!!! just gimme the answer T^T

  35. dami says:

    pls somebody help with level 22(XXII)!!!!!!!! I got easter eggs I just have no idea what do numbers on calendar mean!!!

    • jasina says:


      Numbers have nothing to do with calendar.
      Think of the country of the flag.
      I think they are actually on number 43 at present (although it should really be 42 as one was 1 twice !)
      Good luck

  36. jasina says:

    Is anyone able to help with ‘Milhouse; ?
    Have been stuck here for days !!
    Thanks in advance.


  37. jasina says:

    Is anyone still doing this riddle ?
    Stuck on Monty Burns in GramPawn Simpson.
    Any help greatly appreciated

  38. Hellohello says:

    Level 19, could anyone just give me the answer plz? I am on mac and can not use wordwrap. . .

  39. jasina says:

    Hello out there.
    Is anyone still doing this ?
    Seems to be very little activity.
    If anyone still there, I’m stuck on Arwen in Return of the Pawn.
    Have translated words on pic, and have googled using title, but no joy.
    Is anyone ble to give me a push ?
    Thanks in advance.


  40. Lubbe says:

    I need a little help with level XXVII. I’ve been staring at the flags, and the names, for days. I feel as if I’m missing something important, but I’m totally lost. Please help?

  41. Rubes says:

    I need help with level XLVIII. I’m not a native english. I think I know the words but can’t seem to fnd the right answer. :(

  42. sara18leite says:

    I guess I’m the only moron who can’t solve the bravo level. i just can’t seem to find the location of theShow

    …i’m losing my mind and i can’t believe i can’t find a single thing about it on the net. i’m so alooooneeeeee in my stupidity….help!

  43. charlie says:

    Can someone help me with level 31? I think I know where the coordinates lead to, but I’m stuck! PM me please, or at least a detailed hint!

  44. ken says:

    Can some1 plizzz help me for level 18..!!!!

  45. Existed says:

    I need help on level XXII UaSA!!

    I found the binary, pennsylvania avenue, coco jambo, mr presient, but then what? I get a picture of Marilyn Monroe! I found the right music, found the right person, but whats next? Need a hint, please and thank you.

  46. samantha says:

    hey, needing help on level IX, been stuck for days! ):

  47. STG155 says:

    HELP!!!!!!!I’m stuck on level Forbid in easy oddventure.I tried to add the numbers 5 times.In more details i did this.Show

    Then I wrote Show

    in the box but it said “a little colorblind maybe?”


    Thank you,and sorry for bad english.

  48. thelma says:

    I am so stuck on level XIIII, now i know what is wrong with what I wrote. I have typed it in numerous ways and gotten a couple of eggs. Was even told to call somebody something, did that and still no success. HELP. LOL

  49. Thelma says:

    nevermind…got it…duh. LOL

  50. joanna says:

    o please i need to know the answer to level 19.i do use windows but my Show

    won’t do its job…! can someone plz post the answer itself???