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Odd PawnOdd PawnOddPawn is an interesting Riddle game created by AWP and DonD that popped up in June 2007.

Your main goal in a Riddle game is to reach the next page by solving the riddles. To do so, usually you just need to change the last part of the URL (The address of the web page) with the word you found solving the riddle.

In OddPawn, simply use the answerbox to enter your answer(s). OddPawn automatically saves your progress and keeps track of all your answers. 50 levels or so are currently available, and the authors plan to add more levels to the game in the future…

Have fun!

Update: the game is playable in FF and Opera – except the sound!! You ‘ve been forewarned!

Update: 09-16-07 – OddPawn v2 is online! The game is expanding and chapters 2 and 3 are up now!

Update: 12-15-07 – OddPawn v3 is online! 50 new levels and two more chapters have been launched. This means that 5 chapters are now available for your riddling pleasure. A few new features has been launched as well, such as online chat at each level and a progress bar showing you how far in the game you are.

Update: 06-01-08 – Chapter 7, The Oddfather is up now!

By Eric

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887 Comments to OddPawn

  1. rmiguel says:

    thank you mate done it :D

  2. rmiguel says:

    ty bro ;)

  3. Useless says:

    Iaan well done for finishing chapter one, shall we try to do the same with the next chapter. I think I need to restart it to get the cookies for echo, so I’ll help you with charlie.

  4. Useless says:

    iaan – charlie level
    have you read Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code? In it this picture was anagrammed, you need to know what this anagram was – that is the answer.

  5. rmiguel says:

    hey guys, help me with 13 please
    can’t find any egg or clue

  6. Janvan says:

    In Chapter 2 Alpha level (the one with the flag) I’m having trouble and it seems everyone else gets it easy. I’ve applied the source hint to the flag but no cities work from that country. Any help in the right direction?
    About the flag .. Show

    pls help

  7. Janvan says:

    sorry for double post, got it figured out. I was applying the source code too well. :)

  8. Chery says:

    Sorry bout that, i was trying to see how spoiler works… Thanks for u’r help on 13 finally got it.

  9. doctor says:

    HELP! I am stuck on 8! And I cannot get passed it! Off? On? Finale? I put it in the anagram but like a buzzillion choices come up! HELP!

  10. doctor says:

    why do they say FF and Opera do not play the sound? It plays it on mine just fine, and I have played it once on Opera and again on FF, is this just me? I knew I was special! :D

  11. iaan says:

    for alpha:

  12. iaan says:


  13. iaan says:

    for 13:

  14. iaan says:

    thx for charlie, but now stuck on delta…translated 1st word Show

    and last wordShow

    but others words are driving me crazy…
    after 1st word is (bat??!) and then… OMG no idea to hupec??!?maybe hupec mean sth in english?
    thank you

  15. iaan says:

    got the sentence but still no answer…answer is what i have to forget?!??

  16. Useless says:

    Hi iaan are the guys on gamershood helping you much? they seem to like to pm each other which is OK but doesn’t help if your following an old thread. I’m still stuck on echo, can’t get it at all.
    With delta, once you’ve got all the words you need to play with the puctuation to get to the answer – its really annoying cos the answer is in there.
    Forget about the picture. The answer has nothing to do with the picture. The answer is what you have to forget about the picture.

  17. Chery says:

    I’m stuck on Echo too


  18. Useless says:

    how did you find the files? I can only get the cookie which just gives me a load of gobbledegook? from reading other threads the tasty one is the one you want adn now I jealous cos I’ve not got it.

  19. Useless says:

    hehehe! I cheated got massive help from another forum – look at cookie called gameon…

  20. rmiguel says:

    hi iaan
    thanks for the help again, i already found that words but can’t do anything with them, this level is so anoing

  21. Chery says:

    thnx useless, i don’t know how they wanted me to know that lol.

    Miguel, just anagram the word

  22. Job says:

    Hi guys,

    I see there are answers to levels posted here…
    Please don’t do that, that’s no fun for “honest” players!
    Help eachother out with hint and stuff, but don’t ruin the challenge!


  23. iaan says:

    is anybody on lisa?
    (chapter 4(oddpawn simpsons))

  24. iaan says:

    and 4 delta:

    what’s puctuation? :O

  25. Job says:

    And you can go to the OddPawn Forum for hints and help on any level…
    Visit us at http://www.oddpawn.com/forum

    Hope to see you there!


  26. many says:

    Hey i dont got any idea what Level 7 is!!!!!!! i have counted all the letter again and again and i only get the letters randr And it says: “Count again´´
    please help and im danish so im so confused!! Please give me a BIG hint PLZZZ

  27. Useless says:

    anyone got any idea what to do on foxtrot, every time I try to type anything in the url I get the cheating message? very big hint needed please..

  28. JV says:

    Foxtrot: Show

  29. Chery says:

    I’m soo stuck on mike, i have no idea what i’m looking for.


  30. Useless says:

    Hi JV thanks for the hint. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the first symbol but struggling on the second IS it anything to do with the words? Am I looking for 4 symbols?

  31. Chery says:

    no, only 2

  32. Useless says:

    Stuck on hotel now, can anyone give me a big hint to the event?

  33. Useless says:

    nrm got it.

  34. Sally says:

    Hi. Can anyone help me (maybe even give me the answer?) to level 16?
    Who is frankie? What did he do? How did he do it? .. (:

  35. Sally says:

    ..nevermind xD

  36. Sully says:

    Guys i really need help with level 33 or xxxiii, I am at the part with the two letters, and have no Idea what to do.I have worked on this for 4 days and cant take it. Please someone help!!!

  37. Useless says:

    Hi Sully cant remember exactly the details but the word ending in MT is dreamt.

  38. Useless says:

    can anyone help on Gran Turismo??? I’ve not got a clue with it…Please I’m about to give this game up.

  39. a says:

    McFly. This page was around for more than a year before you even started playing the game.
    Its a bit late to be complaining about it now.
    Which idiot told you it existed?

  40. Julia2e says:

    If anyone is there… I know that I am a bit late… sorry…
    but does anyone know the answer … or have a hint to level 16???

  41. Julia2e says:

    Anybody know the answer to 16??

  42. filipa says:

    help on 18 please

  43. Britt says:

    OMG! what the heck is V????
    i dont get it!

  44. ainata says:

    stuck on XXXII (32) and ideas??

  45. mari says:

    any help on echo? i just dont have the cookie “gameon” you are talking about. please help!!!!

  46. mari says:

    for Britt
    hear carefully the monologue and just type it to google. you will get the answer ….it,s a certain movie…

  47. Britt says:

    OMG, thanks im so slowww.

  48. familyman5 says:

    help with 14 (XIIII). when i typed back to the future i got an easteregg with the audio for the movie and that “something IS wrong”.. but i’m still clueless. any help?

  49. Mythyka says:

    Familyman – is it really Xllll?

  50. Kate says:

    Pleaseeeeeeee will someone help me!!! On 12 (staircases) i cannot see the word on the source code have tried reading it always – been stuck for days now and about to give up on this game – PLEASE HELP ME