Escape Pink Room

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Escape Pink RoomEscape Pink RoomEscape Pink Room is a new Russian Room Escape game created by PaskaPet, the author of the previously reviewed Escape Library from 2keys Games.

You are trapped in a pink baby bedroom today, and once again, you will find a lot of items in this game, and not all of them are useful. Your inventory can only contain a limited number of items, so pick them wisely.

Escape Pink Room is as good as Escape Library, and features new logical puzzles (I hope you’re good at Sudoku!). Check the Pink Room and every item closely and…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #75 (thanks Dimitar!)

By Eric

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316 Comments to Escape Pink Room

  1. missamelissa says:

    okay i did it i found out the one i was missing was the one in the pocket thanx guys

  2. h says:

    :O The paper clip clitch happened again…

  3. HimR says:

    one bullet is inside the teddybear..

  4. Bronwyn says:

    Do you have to have the screen where the chest is on a grey background to get bullet from behind it?? I just can’t get behind it!

  5. cutie4281 says:

    Ok, what’s the combo for the safe? I am using the stethescope and it all sounds the same… help please!

  6. ehm says:

    SAFE CODE 28202 _ . just keep on clicking the last number it will automatically open up

  7. Maribella says:

    Where to find the last bullet, someone told about yellow and red boxes, how to take it and where from exactly. HELP :):)

  8. Tricia says:

    the code for the safe is Show

  9. dan says:

    all these codes arent workin!!

  10. vx says:

    dang it!! everytime the sudoko and codes are different…

  11. Wolvette says:

    w0000t i finished here’s something about the safe that I hope will help u have to hear the louder click for every single column if u get all of them right the safe will automatically open thx SOOO much 4 all ur comments i really hope this will help ok i’d better stop talking now cya!

  12. heeeeelp:o! says:

    none of these codes work :( i am confused and my speakers dont work so i can’t listen to it :’)
    pleeaase help?

  13. mitchie says:

    To win the sudoku game, use this site!

    Its a Dutch site, erase all numers, enter yours and click start,
    the program will enter the numbers you need.
    Make sure, you enter the correct numers, otherwise, there will be no solution.

    Have fun, and good luck.
    Hope i helped a lot by publishing this site ;)

    grtz. mitchie (Netherlands)

  14. anny says:

    for the safe code you just have to use the stethoscope, then you can hear the louder numbers.. :)
    i’m sorry for my english ;)

  15. ayahspencer1999 says:

    i can t open the safe and i tried 28202 and i kept clicking the last number and it did not open