Where is 2011?

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Where is 2011? is a mini Point’n’Click game from Mateusz Skutnik. “It’s becoming a yearly tradition that I’m expressing my gratitude through a year-ending mini-game, each year a different one, from different genre and art style.” This one is rather short, and will for sure remind you of Mateusz’s black and white 10 Gnomes series! Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Where is 2011?

  1. White Wolf says:

    Way to easy or I didn’t find all the guys…
    Out in three clicks basically. O’well..

  2. Miss D says:

    How ’bout a mini-walkthrough?

    • White Wolf says:


      1. Show

      2. Show

      3. Show

      Mini walkthrough…
      Good luck!

  3. MiniTaurus says:

    here I come 2011 =)