Escape from Santa’s Room

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Escape from the Art Studio is the latest Room Escape game released by Tesshi-e, the author of Escape from the Art Studio, Escape from the Same Room 2, Escape from Mr K Room 2, Escape from Minshio Restaurant, Escape from Boss Room, Escape from the Big Windows Room, Escape from the Rest House, Escape from Piano Room, The Escape Hotel 2, Mild Escape 3 and many more.

Have fun!

Escape from Santa’s Room walkthrough
(thanks White Wolf!)

Note: scroll down to play the game.

By Eric

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14 Comments to Escape from Santa’s Room

  1. White Wolf says:

    Out! The math is a killer…
    Walkthrough to follow..
    Marry Christmas every one.

    • White Wolf says:


      1. Show

      2. Show

      3. Show

      4. Show

      5. Show

      6. Show

      7. Show

      The killer math part……

      8. Show


      9. Show

      10. Show

      11. Show

      12. Show

      That should get you out with the Happy Ending.
      Good Luck and Marry Christmas!

  2. Fattywads says:

    ah cant figure out the math…

    • White Wolf says:

      I did the walkthough but it’s stuck in the link Que I think. No links but it said waiting for moderator. That happens sometimes.

  3. Ben says:

    The math isn’t that bad, it’s just an algorithm.

    • White Wolf says:

      True, but if you’ve never understood an algorithm then it’s near impossible. LOL

      I had to do it the old fashion way. lol

    • Scout88 says:

      Thanks for the hint. Didn’t have the brain power to figure out the pattern initially. And to think I used to be good at math. Wasn’t all that hard afterall. Out with Happy Coin.

  4. tabi says:

    I feel awfully silly, but I can’t figure the code for the box in the loft.


  5. idotry says:

    I can’t get the door code to change to XXX tried several times to reload, guess I have got a bug on that part…

  6. Mark says:

    For any one else who cannot open the cupboard because it shows three ‘n’, you need to install the Japanese language. Here is the link for Windows XP

  7. aliceboy says:

    Yeah, ’cause boy-howdy! who doesn’t love a little friggin’ MATH?! Especially in their games. XP
    Another superb game from these good people, with a fun Christmas theme no less. Nice. The math isn’t really that bad, but definitely not for night-brain.

  8. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    It wont come on for me it loads pretty quicly then just says SWF loaded with the blue load line thing under ut then says mild escape!

  9. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    Nvmd! it just took a long time i guess! lol