Glassez! and Glassez! 2

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Glassez!Glassez!Glassez! is a multiplayer game created by Absolutist based on the classic good-old mosaic game. The object here is to collect the pieces of glass from the blue conveyor and to move them onto matching cells on the blank mosaic. Try to fill your mosaic before your opponent does to score additional points.

Click a selected piece of glass to rotate it or drag and drop it into the trash if you don’t need it. Note that your score decreases each time you trash an item.

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Glassez! 2And for those who want more, Glassez! 2 Internet Community offers 180 new levels designed by the fans of Glassez, thanks to the editor included in the original game. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.40


One Comment to Glassez! and Glassez! 2

  1. TH says:

    This game is buggy as hell. 6/7 times, the game surface does not appear if you click on “play”