Mystic Asylum

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Mystic Asylum is a new installment in the Asylum Point’n’Click adventure series created by Selfdefiant. “You have been chosen to rid this place of negative energy. Once you enter inside the abandoned asylum you will need to collect positive energy orbs to get rid of the negative energy. Be warned that once you enter, the negative energy will try to consume you, it will also prevent you from leaving.” Have fun!

Mystic Asylum walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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9 Comments to Mystic Asylum

  1. cnm says:

    and done with 49 out of 50 orbs collected.

  2. stupidcheeseboy says:

    Can’t find a knife or a hammer.
    Can’t find anywhere to use the screwdriver.
    Can’t find anywhere to use the numbers on the wall or in the book.

  3. Genie says:

    @stupidcheeseboy, my notes so far (in form of a walkthrough) cover all the questions you raise:

    I’m now stuck, wondering what I’ve missed as I think I’ve explored all the accessible areas on the map.

  4. stupidcheeseboy says:

    Thanx Genie !

  5. Apanathi says:

    I know it sounds stupid but…. how can I move???

    • Genie says:

      Sorry if this is too late but move your cursor to the edges of the play screen – a hand will appear if you can move in that direction (up, down, left or right). USE THE MAP that’s in your inventory at the start – the game’s hard enough with it.

  6. Genie says:

    Well I’ve got Show

    I’m giving up for day as I need to go to bed. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Nite all. I’ll leave you with an updated version of my unfinished walkthough:

  7. White Wolf says:

    Like before, I’ve setup the map with room numbers. So room 5-6 is 5 floors from the top and 6 rooms from the left. You’ll have to find your own route.

    Here we go…


    1. 8-1 Show

    2. 7-2 Show

    3. 7-1 Show

    4. 7-3 Show

    5. 6-4 Show

    6. 5-5 Show

    7. 5-4 Show

    8. 4-2 Show

    9. 5-7 Show

    10. 5-6 Show

    11. 5-8 Show

    12. 4-4 Show

    13. 4-5 Show

    14. 3-7 Show

    15. 2-6 Show

    16. 3-6 Show

    17. 2-5 Show

    18. 7-3 Show

    19. 5-3 Show

    20. 6-2 Show

    21. 6-3 Show

    22. 5-2 Show

    23. 5-1 Show

    24. 6-1Show

    25. 6-3Show

    26. 4-1 Show

    27. 4-3 Show

    28. 4-1 Show

    29. 3-1 Show

    30. 3-2 Show

    31. 3-3 Show

    32. 2-1 Show

    33. 1-1 Show

    34. 2-2 Show

    35. 2-6 Show

    36. 3-4 Show

    37. 2-4 Show

    38. 2-3 Show

    39. 3-5 Show

    40. 5-6 Show

    41. 3-7 Show

    42. 3-3 Show

    43. 5-8 Show

    44. 1-1 Show

    Whew.. allot of work but I think I got everything.
    Good Luck.

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