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Endeavor is a platform game created by Zillix “about a dwarf trying to uncover an ancient secret. Or maybe it’s about exploring, climbing, and swimming. Or perhaps it’s about collecting powerups and treasure. Or possibly it’s just about killing things.”

With multiple endings, quests, interactive npcs and ambient critters, Endeavor has everything to become a quite popular game: it features many original musical tracks, several upgrades, and a unique climbing and endurance scheme.

Have Fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.19


24 Comments to Endeavor

  1. rc says:

    Very nice, and larger than it seems at first. I didn’t realise it was going to end by going into the yellow light so only got 8 gems.

    • rc says:

      Played again and think I’ve gotten all powerups, gems and both endings.


  2. GS says:

    How do you reach that guy in the top of the yellow light? (Bad ending)
    Like, if you go all the way up with the light, you reach the top point and you can’t go up anymore because there’s a flying rock with a “creature”, but you can’t get there because there’s no way to fly with the parachute, neither other power up that can help you.

    Do somebody know?

    • Bob says:

      Actually, you go left when you’ve reached as high as you can get, to find the treasure chest.

      • GS says:

        Yes, to find de Hero sword. This part I worked out, but I mean a ‘flying’ rock with a guy on the top of it, when you go as high as you can in the yellow light.

    • try says:

      While you’re going up (in the beem) you need to activate your parachute and go left or right just before the rock. Whith your speed you’ve got from the beem you will continu to go up with your parachute.

    • RobinHood70 says:

      I just played the kill 10 creatures ending, and THAT’s what gets you up there.

    • ezreal says:

      You just use your parachute while you are on the yellow light then turne left and then right.

  3. poil says:

    Nice game, looks like “Robots wants…”.
    The end is very tricky, indeed if you collect all the gems you loose (bad end), if you kill any people to collect their soul you loose. The only way to get a happy end don’t collect any gem and try to get the sword. It is useless to try to increase your endurance, just get the “youthful heart” that give you endless endurance…

  4. zaryan says:

    Well, very nice game. It has 2 ends, or thats what i’ve done.
    The first:

    The second:

    VERY NICE GAME. I love games like this one.

    • schonnel says:

      i would never let malor powerful! why cant i have the gems myself??? why cant i have everything!!!???

  5. Elliot says:


    • bangbangbazooka says:


  6. schonnel says:

    i killed maylor
    and i didnt have to find all the gems
    because this girl at the forest on the very right said there are other ways up so i went to that girl that said “this wall goes up forever” and i went up the wall got the youth fruit and the other dwarfs begged me “get way from me!” and “dont kill me!” and stuff like that and i got the sword and fall down again to the table thingy you have to crash on top of it so climb up and fall down to the table thingy

  7. schonnel says:

    oh on the guy on top of the yellow light just hold the parchute whille flying the yellow light (not touching the rock) and then near the rock like a half of a centimetre go left and the parachute will hover you up and you will be able to talk to that guy on top of the yellow light

  8. schonnel says:

    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    about the YOUTH FRUIT you need the lightnigh ability and if you claim it it is impossible now for your endurance to lose

  9. Hoff says:

    3 endings!

    1. Help Malor by collecting all the gems he needs to regain strength. You teleport up, get the sword, but its too late: he destroys your world. Everyone in your village questions what you’ve done as you go for the sword.

    2. Gain the lightning ability and kill 10 creatures. Visit the Dark one in the cave to the west and gain the teleport ability. Teleport to the top rock that you cant reach in the light, and then go to your village. Everyone thinks you’re going to kill them.

    3. Dont help Malor, climb the neverending mountain gain the youthful heart, return to the village. Everyone comments about how happy they are to see you and how strong you look. This is the only “good” ending.

    Get em all and see for yourself!

    • sugarbabez says:

      How do you find the dark one? I can’t find his cave. I even looked on endeavour maps but I can’t see his cave.

  10. Katie says:

    How do I get the thunder to zap the creatures?

  11. guest says:

    Where exactly is the Dark One everyone keeps talking about? I’ve gotten all the endings, though, I’m just curious because if I did find the place then I didn’t notice it. (I thought the Dark One meant MALOR.)

  12. Undeniable says:

    Uh ppl…

    You don’t need to use any fancy parachute stuff on the floating rock. If you don’t touch your keyboard you will just automatically get up to the floating rock. You talk to the guy then parachute back to your home.

  13. Kenentron says:

    Here’s a map for the game