Corporation Inc

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Corporation Inc is the latest Simulation game created by John Cooney.

“Do you believe in workforce synergy or other fancy business jargon? This game just might be for you!

It’s time to build the push-button company of your dreams. Corporation Inc is a game about building the best push-button corporation in the world. Create offices and hire workers to fill them. Push a profit and start researching new upgradeable and items. Hit your goals and get rewarded, it’s like real life business management without the consequences!

As your company grows larger you’ll be rewarded with higher build sizes, greater options, and more tech trees of workers and offices. Your offices will grow cat-infested and your workers will earn money like you wouldn’t believe. It’s going to be a challenge, are you up for the task?”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.03


102 Comments to Corporation Inc

  1. mgb says:

    This game has so much potential, but there are so many glitches, the elevator one was too frustrating so im done until this game gets fixed.

    • Reka says:

      Not sure what you mean about the elevator bug. I’ve encountered numerous problems, the most amusing being the overdedicated employees who hit buttons 24/7 in the cafeteria, but I don’t remember ever having a problem with the elevators.

      • Doctor Plaugedoctor says:

        I can’t stack elevators, like I can’t build past 2 floors because when I build extra shafts they just delete and no one uses them.

      • strawmonster says:

        employees keep getting stuck between floors and it seems the only way to fix the problem is to destroy the elevator and build a new one. eventually you run out of money.

    • O.S. says:

      uh dude, you just drag the arrow on the elevator and it goes up to the next floor on its own

    • omgfrealz? says:

      ok. how to extend your elevator past 2 floors.
      step1: build your elevator
      step2: click and hold that arrow that points up.
      step3: pull it up to desired floor.

  2. Reka says:

    This game is definitely buggy, and has balancing issues. But I still find myself playing it. Not sure what that says, about either the game or myself.

    Hint for winning:

  3. Gabafoo says:

    How do you build Supervisor offices or any upgrades you get after that one? I can only see basic, deluxe, IT and Janitorial…

    • Reka says:

      Upgrade the office to Advanced level (i.e. not IT or Janitorial), and you’ll get choices to continue upgrading it as either a supervisor, HR, or Accounting office.

      • Reka says:

        Correction: here’s the upgrade path for offices.

        I. Deluxe Office
            A. Advanced Office
                * Supervisor Office
                    – Executive Supervisor Office
            B. Accounting Office
                * Advanced Accounting
            C. HR Office
                * HR Centre
        II. IT Office
            * IT Lair
        III. Janitorial Office
            * Janitorial Workshop

      • thread rev says:

        Thank you for this!!

        Does anyone know if there are there any upgrades pass this?
        If there are what are they? >< thanks

  4. ginin says:

    The game went through a big update and a lot of bugs have been fixed :) Enjoyable game, reminded me of Simtower.

  5. John says:

    i have 3 broken computers and none of my IT tech guy will fix it. Even when I try to hire a new IT tech guy, they don’t seem to care (or notice). I have tried everything but nothing will work (even firing IT tech people).

    Besides for that I have a 9 floor, 2 office wide building, with restaurant, bathroom and spa on either sides of the building. I make about 70,000 a day and my offices are all upgraded. So I’m having a lot of fun so far (btw this is on hard difficulty).

    If someone could please help solve my IT tech problem, I would be even more satisfied with my game experience.

    • Reka says:

      There’s a particular bug where if a computer is broken when you upgrade an office, it’ll never get repaired. About the only thing you can do is move all the people out of that office (for which task the Freeze function is your friend), destroy the office, and put a new one in its place. Yes, that’s a bunch of money.

  6. Greg says:

    Fun game.

    Here’s a tip:

  7. Duc huynh says:

    i make like 10 million a day and i have a building of: 21 floors and three offices to the side. have 1 spa, a restaurant and a gym. researching on secret to world domination

  8. Duc huynh says:

    ah. just finished da game

  9. ghost says:

    I’m making 74 million a day and i have 89 floors 2 wide, all rooms upgraded all workers upgraded and i have 24 spas restaurants and delux bathrooms. i believe i hold the secret to world domination.

  10. Bolo Digby says:

    Addicting indeed. IMHO the cleaners are too underpowered–I have to have an army of them to empty garbage cans whereas in my 200-person building I have 4 IT Techs that seem to get the job done.

    Curious: has anyone found exceptional individuals? You’d think all workers start at the same ability but to me it seems as if some are better than others; two workers hired at the same time and one has twice as much earnings or empties 4 times as many trashcans or fixes twice a many broken things as the next?

    Hints: 1 deluxe bathroom every 5 floors; all the users on those 5 floor return to work with 100% happiness. Works best after lift tubes are installed. You can probably get away with one ‘deluxe’ bathroom in the entire building after you replace elevators with hooks/poles/or tubes.

    Programing suggestion to make more challenging: only one CEO, Building Manager, Chief of Workers, Top Researcher, etc. etc. Oh, and fix the too-weak garbage guys.

  11. corey says:

    how do you get the spa?

  12. Matt says:

    How do you put in a spa?

  13. seansman15 says:

    I have a 35 story building 5 offices wide plus two deluxe bathrooms a spa and a restaurant on each floor. I have 2.3 billion dollars and make 250-300 million each day, all made by 688 employees which are made of equal parts janitors, IT,Accountants, Supervisors, HR, and the rest are the overwhelming majority of just workers. All of which are compartmentalized in fully upgraded rooms and top promotions. Considering how much lag i get on the lowest quality with these many workers i decided not to go through with getting to 120 stories. Really fun game slightly buggy but easily fixed with a reset without losing progress, plenty of room for updates and bug fixing. Checkout my building under seansman15. Unfortunately i cannot post the link.

  14. osmodiar says:

    If you want to play it close at the beginning of the game, it helps to follow the order of objectives, because you get large bonuses
    Also, when I get to the end and I have millions of dollars, I like to put a deluxe bathroom on every floor.
    Order of first half of objectivesShow

  15. Grizzly says:

    Anyone else’s janitors like to ride around on the lifts without cleaning anything? I have 12 in my 17-story, and the bottom 8 floors are overflowing. They just run across the floors between the tubes/elevators, riding up, then down, all whilst proclaiming how :) they are. My game was fine up until I got to around 10 floors, and then computers started to break, elevators started flipping out, workers would stare at their computers until they an-herod and the janitors got the urge to fly around. wtf?
    My building is aranged as follows:
    With tubes on each side, two offices inside of those and a column of bathrooms in the center. I also had a vip elevator system in the middle, but that became so buggy I doubt it’s feasible.
    So yeah, it definitely had potential. I would have kept playing, but these bugs are drowning me, both frustration and fiscal wise. I might check back later to see if any improvements have been made, (and yes, it is ver. 1.07).

  16. osmodiar says:

    I like to put some janitors on the ground floor, because they always start in their office and work up from there.

  17. osmodiar says:

    Second half of objectives Show

    • jmtbfan2002 says:

      I’m having a glitch where if u complete World Domination before getting Objective 31, it won’t go


  18. justin says:

    What is tower infrastructure?

  19. Addison says:

    How do you build higher than the 2nd floor? i dont know how to extend the elevator

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve researched the secret to world domination but my mum closed my window, what can i do to see it again?!

    pls mb

  21. Alphonse says:

    How come my Acountants are so sad all the time? I promote them, give them accountably rooms. bathroom, gym, cafeteria, and janitors to clean. What am I doing wrong?

  22. beathany says:

    i am just starting to use this game and i don’t know how to

    • beathany says:

      sorry i did’t quite finish there! i don’t know how to start my first building!

    • jmtbfan2002 says:

      When I started my 1st game, I was sooooo dumb. I thought you had to press the direction that the arrow was pointing*

      * I didnt see the task bar *_*

      • jmtbfan2002 says:

        Daily To do list:
        1. Beat up your self
        2. Beat up your self
        3. Beat up your self
        4. Beat up your self
        5. Beat up your self
        6. Beat up your self
        7. Beat up your self
        8. Beat up your self
        9. Beat up your self
        10. Beat up your self

  23. ICU says:

    I lol’d when i thought:

    Corporation Inc, doesn’t that mean Corporation Incorporated?

  24. Joe says:

    Ok i have the Executive office or the whatever and it says i cant promote a worker because the office isnt appropriate. what do i do???

  25. vladOMNOMNOM says:

    when i finished researching the secret to world domination, i didnt see what it said. so what was it? XD

  26. Cary says:

    I’m just starting the game. I have 8 offices, and 32 employees.
    For some reason it won’t let me have more than 2 janitors, and my workers are sad because there’s trash everywhere. What do I do?!

  27. jmtbfan2002 says:

    I once had 2 glitches
    1. Show

    2. Show

  28. jmtbfan2002 says:

    Once I had a VERY funny glitch (Not Freeze mode)
    I don’t know what i did, but people pushed butons all the time, even in the cafè/gym, or resteraunt/spa. =O
    Also, If you make speed x6, it’ll make rapid money
    (P.S. I make 1,000 bux a day :P)

  29. Clarice says:

    It is so very Cool

  30. jmtbfan2002 says:

    Solve this
    3+0-2+37 times 309 + 657+3 divided by 2 = ?????
    Hint : Starts with 1 & is 5 integers long

  31. jmtbfan2002 says:

    Guess my age*
    * It’s from 1 – 10

  32. jmtbfan2002 says:

    The Roblox ads get me pissed

    Why it makes me pissed is because I get the BSoD all the time for the same reason ALL the time

  33. mimi says:

    which person can i make a CEO?

  34. Matteo says:


    I know the following:
    White semi-circle, black top-Research
    Grey-Vacant desk

    But what are black and blue icons?

  35. william says:

    i have a glich with supervisers sometimes there doing nothing they will go up sky hooks and down fire poles in a loop of flote in tubes and then leave

  36. jmtbfan2002 says:

    I dont get why there are so many bugs in an Show


  37. Darth Vader says:

    What does world domination do?

  38. Lola says:

    how do you build a firepole please help i’m so confused with this ?

  39. Franksyess says:

    I trapped everyone inside my 35 floor building.

    Hee hee.

    Now to watch my happiness crash. :D

  40. Denice says:

    I can’t extend my elevator ! It only reaches up to 5th floor. and what’t the use of the other transportation equipment ? i cant’t even extend it. . help please . . i want to finish this game . .

  41. SOME1 says:

    How do u get a janitor in the day (evening)

  42. Mr. Joe says:

    While it seems to make sense for workers to be the foundation of your company, accountants are actually more valuable. An accountant’s money making ability is based on the number of workers you have. With no upgrades, at 20 workers accountants and workers make equal money (but accountants have a higher wage). At full upgrades for both accountants equal workers at only 5 workers. So it seems to make sense that, after accumulating 20 workers, one should switch over to accountants, which will pay off when upgrades come through. This also has the benefit of being able to see unbelievably large sums of money come from one worker, esp when a supervisor is around.

  43. playerfromhk says:

    how do i upgrade offices?? (objective 14/32)

  44. bob says:

    how do you hire a supervisor?

  45. Jordan says:

    What does Tower Infrastructure do? I’m in 6th grade and I just learned what infrastructure is, and I’m at a loss of how to use it. It does nothing. BTW, I probably have better grammar that all of you.

  46. chris says:

    what is tower infrastructure????? i unlocked it but idk how to build it or what it does!

  47. João Ferreira says:

    Best office for Research guys?

  48. Amber says:

    I’ve got a couple of questions.

    I.) How can you hire or have a manager? Will you promote a worker or what?

    II.) When you have a bigger building, is it natural to have a bit glitches?

    III.) When supervisors hit the employees, will they achieve something or even earn money?

    I’d really appreciate it if someone would answer one of my questions. >_<

    • some1 says:

      As I’m sort of kind and have some time I can deal with your questions:

      I.) Upgrade your supervisors.

      II.) No one is perfect, neither is the creator of this game (it’s an awesome game anyways, don’t get me wrong). The only thing you can do is trying to build as smart as possible and hope it works as you thought it through.

      III.) They hit your employees so they make more money. Just observer how much money they make before a supervisor comes to them and how much they make after they got beaten up by the supervisor.

      Hope it helped

  49. Jennifer says:

    researcher office???? is there such a thing?

  50. dontsaymyname says:

    what is a suction tube its an objective