Asylum 2

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Asylum II is the second installment in the Asylum Point’n’Click adventure series created by Selfdefiant. “Some days don’t go so well, this is one of those days. You are walking home late and see a light from inside the old asylum that hasn’t been in operation for over twenty years. You decide to check it out…” Have fun!

Asylum 2 walkthrough (thanks White wolf!)

By Eric

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7 Comments to Asylum 2

  1. White Wolf says:

    Out.. Whew…….

  2. White Wolf says:


    I’ve setup the map with room numbers to make it easier to follow. Looking at the map you will see 6 “Floors” with rooms. Top floor has one room, second floor has one room, etc… So if you see something like 6-4, then that means Floor 6, (the bottom), Room 4, (fourth room from the left). So if I say to go to Room 3-3 you will know where it is. Not the route to get there, just it’s position. OK?

    I may not take the most dierct route so just bear with me. Here we go…..

    1. 6-5 Show

    2. 5-7 Show

    3. 6-7 Show

    4. 5-5 Show

    5. 5-6 Show

    6. 4-3 Show

    7. 4-1 Show

    8. 5-3 Show

    9. 6-1 Show

    10. 6-2 Show

    11. 5-1 Show

    12. 6-4 Show

    13. 3-2 Show

    14. 3-1 Show

    15. 1-1 Show

    16. 2-1 Show

    17. 3-3 Show

    18. 5-5 Show

    19. 5-2 Show

    20. 4-1 Show

    21 5-6 Show

    21. 3-1 Show

    22. 4-4 Show

    23. 6-1 Show

    24. 1-1 Show

    25. 5-2 Show

    26. 5-4 Finish Show

    I hope I got all the steps. Good luck..

  3. Genie says:

    Great walkthrough – liked the format for this type of game. Just one thing: step 23 should read 5-1 (not 6-1).

  4. confused says:

    confused with that walkthrough!!
    have no idea wat it means! sry tho!

  5. confused says:

    okay well will someone help me????
    I rly need to get this game!
    I have no idea what to do! This game only has 1 floor! I dont even know anything about cards! all i no is that im stuck in a toy store and I want a purple doll… HELP!!

  6. confused says:

    okay i got the puddy but how do i stick it to the train????