Reincarnation: AHE

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Reincarnation: AHE – All Hallow’s Evil is the next addition to the Reincarnation series created by C. Gianelloni. “It has been 2 years since the author has started making the Reincarnation series, and here is a special Halloween episode in honor of the 2 year anniversary.” Have fun!

Reincarnation: AHE walkthrough (thanks DNOMN8R!)

By Eric

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16 Comments to Reincarnation: AHE

  1. hilman says:

    nice and quite easy.. :D
    happy halloween everyone…!!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Is there more than one ending to this one? I don’t think I use some of the items.

    • hilman says:

      do you mean Show

      use it Show

  3. DNOMN8R says:

    Another Reincarnation game! Awesome!

  4. wendydarling says:

    only got two awards Show

    are there others?

  5. jenny1 says:

    liked it but it was too easy using the somethings twice

  6. DNOMN8R says:

    Spooky walkthrough (not really, just a normal one):



  7. nick says:

    you can also kill him by using the candle on the bed.
    get the “sleep through fire alarm” throphie (or something like it… cant remember the exact name.)

  8. goldie says:

    Nice game, thnx all.

  9. Genie says:

    How do you Show

    I have a Show

  10. Genie says:

    No good – these games are usually quite tidy. This one is a bit buggy – I now can’t take a Show

    Now can’t be bothered.

  11. stuck says:

    help i can’t distract the weird man (darcy)
    he is distracted by the cockroach, so i try to take the mug
    but it wont let me am sooooo stuck and why do u need te candle anyway?!??!

  12. Zombie Grits says:

    Oi vey. I managed to get 4 of the medals, but figuring out these other 2 is absolutely killing me!
    Just for convenience, here’s how to get the 4 I have: “Sleep Through a Fire Drill”, “My Chemical Death”, “Black Lungs”, & “Jack O Demon”

    1. “Sleep Through A Fire Drill” Achievement

    2. “My Chemical Death” Achievement

    3. “Black Lungs” Achievement

    4. “Jack O Demon” Achievement

    Hopefully I was able to scratch a few backs, now may someone scratch mine? I’d greatly appreciate some info on achieving these last 2! Thank you!

    • DNOMN8R says:

      I’ll give it a shot. Didn’t know about the Black Lungs one before.

    • DNOMN8R says:

      Got ’em (with a little help from Google):


      Trick or Treat: