Escape from your Own Room

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Escape from your Own Room is a Japanese Room Escape game where you have to escape from a room that is familiar to you. Look around and search for useful items and clues to figure out several codes. A cute game, not too hard, not too easy. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.66


13 Comments to Escape from your Own Room

  1. Anemic says:



    That’s why this is a one-star instead of maybe a 2-3.

    • hilman says:

      lol anemic.. that’s the funniest comment i’ve ever read in
      but still, i think the rabbit’s still cute… :D

    • manami says:

      Anemic-san, that is exactly what the Japanese man at the end of the game says!!!!!! Too bad you don#t understand Japanese, or you would have LOLed.

      Sooo funny!!!!

      • fierceandsassy says:


      • manami says:


      • Anemic says:

        No, I’m afraid there would have been no lolling on my part. If the game’s designer understands this is a serious flaw, why not just change the puzzle?

        In the world of game development, this is what’s known as a “stop-ship” issue. Of course, with these free ad-based revenue models, no one particularly cares about quality issues.

  2. Tom says:

    Solved number codes, have handheld device, key in it, can’t figure out code.

  3. Monte49 says:

    think its on the rug

  4. Monte49 says:

    Finally got it. used escapegames24 for some help. But you can figure it out. maybe not for the last clue with the key. that one was a stretch. fun game

  5. Monte49 says:

    code was


  6. Genie says:

    Sweet, easy game (up to the last code). A walkthrough:


    I got this far without any help but needed to read the comments above to complete the game: