Escape the Health Center

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Escape the Health CenterEscape the Health CenterJust found at AddictingGames, a new Room Escape game created by Victor Saponari and Max Ozawa, Escape the Health Center.

“You thought you escaped but you only pissed off the TAC Officer and now you are stuck in the Health Center…” Be warned, the game is timed and you have to be back in your room every 5 minutes, otherwise the game ends immediately.

Escape the Health Center is the sequel to Escape Culver, a game released in late April that was too buggy to be enjoyable.

Escape the Health Center looks much better than the original, and hopefully there are no bugs this time!

Have fun!

Special note: a Tactical Officer (TAC) is the legal Company Commander of a Cadet Company and the primary developer of cadets at the United States Military Academy (USMA).

Update: walkthough in comment #36 (Thanks Jenn!)

Update: Escape the Health Center video walkthrough.

By Eric

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305 Comments to Escape the Health Center

  1. mALLORY says:

    you screw the hole on every single light spot, and then the wall will open!

  2. Daelinn :) says:

    Schrikken thanks for the walkthrough! on the last part i was freakin out cause i only had thirty seconds im like WTH I CANT DRILL ANY MORE HOLES then i finally got it :) lmao i was freakin out

  3. Mark says:


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