Blosics 2 – Level Pack

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Blosics 2 – Level Pack is the third installment in the  Blosics demolition series from Igrek Productions.

The goal remains unchanged: knock off as many green blocks as possible while avoiding the red ones.

Hold down your left mouse button to aim and grow your ball and release to shoot.

Blosics 2 – Player Pack comes with 30 brand new challenging levels.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 1.92


3 Comments to Blosics 2 – Level Pack

  1. nunoripper says:

    nice piece of sh**!! they ruined a nice game.

    the first levels are the same (level pack???) and the playability is ruinned. bahhhh

  2. Matt says:

    Game broke on level 8 for me.

    Blosics 2 was a great game. This is the opposite of Blosics 2.