Oz-Riddle – Escape from the Room

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Escape from the Room is a nice little Room Escape game from Oz-Riddle. For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a room; as usual, the exit door is locked, but this one has no handle. Look around closely, slide items and eventually find a way to Escape from the Room! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.53


19 Comments to Oz-Riddle – Escape from the Room

  1. dalexa32 says:

    Cute game. Out!

  2. jenny1 says:

    where is the blue key

  3. jenny1 says:

    never mind got it

  4. Lauren says:

    How did you figure out…


  5. hilman says:

    easy and cute little game..
    all puzzles are logic

  6. yuda says:

    can’t find the blue key :< help

  7. llolli says:

    don’t get it at all. not the morse code Show

    nor the hint Sara gave above……

  8. Tan says:

    Cute game.

  9. Genie says:

    Simple little game. A tad silly.

  10. Pammie 94 says:


  11. Cor says:

    i don’t get the safe clou?

  12. I’ve got a chisle and two post cards.

  13. WonderWorm says:

    Morse code:


    • llolli says:

      wow, thank you…. I’ve played other games that (according to comments around here) were much more difficult, but I couldn’t figure out this seemingly very easy game. (hoe embarassing)

  14. Apanathi says:

    I still don’t get the code for the safe :(

  15. aliceboy says:

    I played this after the multi-room Oz-Riddle, and needn’t have bothered. If you make it out of that one, then this is kind of superfluous…but still a nice little easy escaper.