Steam Droid

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In Steam Droid, a platformer from The Podge, you play a steam-powered robot out to liberate his fellow Steam Droids from the evil mine-owning overlord. The game features 14 levels with bosses, various steam powered baddies and lots of power ups and secrets. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.29


7 Comments to Steam Droid

  1. rc says:

    Things were fine until level 11, where you have to fall into a barrel to cross some water.

    The barrel breaks, droid dies and loses all upgrades. I couldn’t rage quit fast enough.

    (I did go back and retry to see if it would break again, this time the droid missed landing in the barrel – even though it was right on top of it – and died again)

  2. snop says:

    Thanks rc …. i got the same problem … and here we are …. searching for a answer….

  3. snop says:

    Play the Level on Hard Mode and it works … the Barrel doesnt break … and everyone is happy …. nice game

  4. Carl says:

    I’ve played this through a few times now and it seems the barrel breaking on level 11 only happens occasionally. I don’t think the difficulty has anything to do with it, TBH. Not worked out why this happens yet…

  5. Pete says:

    Level11 ridiculous! Barrel explodes and you die, repeat. Crappy game.

  6. Mr Bugster says:

    I have finished level 7 a couple of times but can’t find the way out. Climbed all over the place! No “This Way” sign on the right hand side.

  7. efka says:

    level 7 – jump up-up-up-up… the “laddeer like” place…and then look to the right!!! You will find the “way out” :-)

    level 11 – sometimes you will die, yes, BUT! Move steam droid aproximately 2 cm from the edge of the “dead-fall”…breathe, breathe, breathe…press “right arrow” just a little to make droid fall down and in a moment you touch the barrel press “left arrow” and “up arrow” together – droid will jump together with barrel. Jamp about 3 times and then you can stop jumping (at last) and move droid in the barrel as you wish. No calm breathing yet. SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT!

    have fun :-)

    level 14? The Big Boss! Does anybody know, how to end with this “immortal”??? :-D