Building Blaster 2 – Players Pack

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Building Blaster 2 – Players Pack is the third installment in the Building Blaster physics puzzle series from 2DGames.

Your goal remains the same: blast the buildings to clear the red zone by placing bombs and tools in the more efficient way.

Adjust timing to your advantage and avoid civilians casualties.

Try to get your competitor for bonus points.

Like its predecessor, this Players Pack features 50 levels of various difficulty (plus a level editor). That should be enough to keep you entertained for a while!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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3 Comments to Building Blaster 2 – Players Pack

  1. Jeff says:

    No matter where I click on this game, it opens a new window to some other website. Happened on 2 different computers….is there a glitch in the game????

  2. DARREN breach says:

    how to dissolve bricks for awards