Submachine: FLF (Futur Loop Foundation)

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Submachine FLFSubmachine FLFMateusz Skutnik aka Murtaugh has just released a new Room Escape game, Submachine: Futur Loop Foundation, the latest in his popular Submachine Series.

“In Submachine FLF (Future Loop Foundation) you find yourself locked in a padded room with only an ancient tape player at your feet. From this strange beginning unfolds an amazing mystery that you can solve in a world where memories are the key to the past, present, and future!

Who are you, and why can’t you remember how you got here? Who is the Future Loop Foundation? What do they want, and why are they holding you prisoner? Play Submachine FLF and solve the riddle for yourself!”

Well, all is said!

Have fun!

Source: Graeme.

Update: walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks Pszemek!)

By Eric

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58 Comments to Submachine: FLF (Futur Loop Foundation)

  1. Jerre says:

    finished it, not that hard

  2. Pszemek says:

    Complete walkthrough:

    Part one:

    Part two:

    It went too quick I think :-) But it’s the end, maybe there is something to do beside what I did, there are a few things that are not used. maybe there’s more than one way?
    Anyway, can’t wait to see another Submachine :)

  3. Gissa says:

    I love submachines, this one was over too fast tho :)

  4. Rp says:

    That was short I solved before I even saw the walkthrough. I want the next one to come out!

  5. Krystel says:

    Finished. It’s far too short, but at least the series is still going. I hope we can expect more submachine titles (that are longer!) =)

  6. Tim says:

    I found one more thing in the second part.


  7. otacsaf says:

    Short but sweet. Gives you a little sense of accomplishment… some of the other Submachine games are long and intense. Maybe this will be the appetizer for the next “meal”?

  8. bill says:

    doesnt really require a walkthrough

  9. bananatank says:

    Wow I actually did this all by myself without the faq (except for the thing about the number TIm wrote)

  10. nad says:

    I just don’t get the numbers, Tim. Just don’t see them at all

  11. nad says:

    I didn’t get it because Tim didn’t explain it all the way.

  12. Gracie says:

    It won’t load!!!

  13. Malcolm Farrmitch says:

    I cant seem to type my ‘PATIENT NUMEBER’ into that kepad…
    what do you have to do

  14. Daan says:

    Does anyone get the feeling that there’s waaaay more to this game than just this easy section? Loads of unused rooms, codes and levels… Plus a big inventory

  15. bananatank says:

    yeah i still don’t know what the future loop foundation is

  16. tooooooooshooooooooooooort says:

    put ur patient number on on the thing 3218 it should work

  17. lutu says:

    ok i have beaten all the other ones but i i have been stuck at the very begining
    and i have no clue wat todo

  18. YAMURU says:

    wut cliff?? i wet out of the room and i just saw a machine thing with a red and a white button!! HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Grangel says:

    I think future loop foundation is the first game of a new submachine series.
    just my opinion.
    its like, there was submachine: the loop, i guess this is the beginning of a “new Loop” or something.

  20. Chayce says:

    Great game but tooooooooo short.. i bet murtaugh was just doing something to keep the series going.


  21. HELP!!! says:


  22. Ryan says:

    Does anyone notice that the beginning part where the game loads it has the same device in the 2nd lvl of Submachine 3:The Loop?

  23. Jordan says:

    the only part i needed help on was the symbols at the bottom of the ladder, I had seen them…But i put in the wrong first symbol. I agree, far too short. And this one seemed to have a Theme. Find somesort of Picture, put it in a Machine. I think it should be more random.

  24. davidos says:


  25. ben says:

    i want to know were to put the slide in i cant find a projector?

  26. jeff says:

    game was tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to short and
    tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy

  27. Rikki says:

    wow i needed no walkthrough for this one it was a bit simple and i noticed there was one room that wasnt needed and that the load bar at the start was the same devise used in submachine 3 at the end i definitly think that there will be another but wee getting closer t the complete ending

  28. Freak says:

    Quite short but nice. Found all the way to the reel by myself, including the code for the headphones.
    Anyway, i’m stuck with the reel and that’s why i found this page.

    Can anyone tell me where it is?

    Thx a lot!!

  29. Freak says:

    mistyped my patient no.
    Done now!

  30. C.C says:

    There is so much usless stuff lol forgot all about my door after i got in to the house:P easy though

  31. Weirdoo says:

    there must be more stuff in that game ..
    thats way too easy!

  32. mysty says:

    It appears that he is sharing a part of his past with us through pictures. He uses machinery from the past, like the reel to reel tape player and the old film projector. I wonder if he plays guitar? Wasn’t that guitar music that played on the headphones hanging on the wall? His games appeal to people of all ages. I hope he continues to make more Submachine games.

  33. Ryan says:

    Jordan,the 4 symbols were the symbols in Submachine 2:The Lighthouse…Where you get the fork in the hole.

  34. nick says:

    I cant see any numbers/symbols on the machines other than the one that give the reel, did I miss something like a power switch?

  35. Hiro says:

    The light switch makes numbers apper in the owl picture. These numbers give you a symbol, used to tune the old radio thing so you hear guitar music, but you can guess the symbol anyway, even tho it doesnt do anything. I would like to have seen the space hopper used tho. Another great game.

  36. okram_a says:

    I’d never played a game like these submachines…
    I did it and I liked them all…
    ok I am really plased to have play these games..

    greeting from Chile!

  37. Amanda says:

    I liked it. I thought that the headphone room was part of the puzzle though, so I spent more time there than I should have.

  38. Rikki says:

    Wow way short didnt even need walkthrough like i normally do

  39. snowman says:

    I agree with every one else, surprisingly short and almost tooo easy…………..?

  40. bouncy lady says:

    i love the bouncy ball!!!!!!!!!!

  41. bennymit says:

    No offense to anyone, but i havent needed a walk through for any of the submachines yet. and this one, well isn’t it just normal that there is more to it? its SO short that its obvious there is more to do. anyone who thinks its over when it says it is is just stupid. i still cant believe people needed walk throughs. its just a Point and Click!

  42. VorpalSlash says:

    How to get the reel : Show

  43. Sensitive One says:

    Y’know , Maybe the main character of the Submachines is actually a Father of a family who is lost or died when they lost their father…And this game has no connection in Submachine 4…

  44. Snowman says:

    Submachine FLF Walkthrough:
    1- The Jail Cell

    2- The Vaults

    3- The Projector

  45. Goukakyuu says:

    All memories are lost in time , like tears in rain eh?
    I heard the ‘like tears in rain’ part in a song…
    Just to tell u , Submachine FLF is OUTSIDE the main storyline…I think there is a band called Future Loop Foundation…
    AND…I like to try connecting the series of a game together
    Sub 0 and Submachine – no connection at all ,Sub 0 is ALSO outside the main storyline like Sub FLF
    Submachine and Sub 2 – There is a connection , it turns out Submachine is an arcade game in the base of a lighthouse (Wtf..)
    Sub 2 and Sub 3 – there IS a connection too , in Sub 3 on lvl 11 , there is a note saying ‘it is the worst place to have been teleported from the lighthouse’
    Sub 3 and Sub 4 – Also there is a connection , The loop , you seem to be moving down (Wtf!The note in Sub 3 on lvl 11 also said that everytime you solve something you go deeper…)then you land on a roof of a Lab (You mean the loop was over the lab?)
    Sub 4 and Sub FLF – no connection , absolutely no connection , like i said at the beginning , its outside the main storyline
    Sub 4 and Sub 5 – also no connection …

  46. LightBulb says:

    Goukakyuu, Submachine 0 is related not to Submachine, but to Submachine 2 and 5.

  47. lil bobby says:

    when will there be a submachine 6

  48. George says:

    Just so y’all know, this games name (not submachine but future loop foundation) is the name of a group that does some sort of neat electric music. Search up “Future Loop Foundation” on itunes or go to,

  49. Laila says:

    I think I read on his site at that FLF was the final sequel. :-( He wanted it to show us where the moving room took us at the end of Submachine 5, but I don’t see the connection. For his final work on a very popular series, this was really disappointing. There must be much more to it; he’s too good to leave us this way.

  50. Laila says:

    Entry on
    Alyssa Says:
    There are quite a few hidden items actually. You’re right Barish. Firstly, there’s the key Show

    … you’ve probably got that already! Secondly, the Show

    I can’t tell you which one it is if you haven’t been there yet. That would just spoil the suprise! This is the last one I’m going to tell you for now, Show

    There’s more but I’d hate to take away the fun for you.