StoneAgeGames – The Last Tour Escape

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The Last Tour Escape is another Room Escape game from StoneAgeGames. “It is the last circus tour for Billy the clown, some of his circus props have escaped from him and gone missing. Help Billy find his missing props, so he can make himself up and complete his circus show.” Have fun!

The last Tour Escape walkthrough (thanks Genie!)

By Eric

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5 Comments to StoneAgeGames – The Last Tour Escape

  1. Djé says:

    First ? out anyway…. easy one.

  2. Seti says:

    Nice and easy. Clowns give me the creeps!

  3. Genie says:

    No more than a stroll around collecting items. Not a lot of thinking required, I prefer a bit of puzzle solving.

    A walkthrough (for completion’s sake), I doubt anyone will need it:


  4. hilman says:

    why do the clown’s actor always has such a sad face?

  5. White Wolf says:

    I’ve never watched the TV show but doesn’t the clown look like that actor from the TV show “The Office” that is leaving the show so his character is going off to run some novelty company?

    Maybe a little jab, thus the tittle…. The Last Tour….

    Just a thought… LOL