Amnesya – The Final Riddle Challenge

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Amnesya - The Final Riddle ChallengeAmnesya - The Final Riddle ChallengeAmnesya – The Final Riddle Challenge is an interesting Riddle game that was released two weeks ago. Your main goal in a Riddle game is to reach the next page by solving the riddles. To do so, just change the last part of the URL (The address of the web page) with the word you found solving the riddle.

How to solve a riddle? Just look for hints and clues anywhere, check the html source code of the current page or use Google (if a web search is necessary, you will find a Google bar on the page in Amnesia).

You may also need to use some image/audio editing applications at some point: check the main page to download some photo or audio free editors and make sure your speakers are turn on!

At the time of writing, 70939 players tried to solve the riddle and none of them managed to reach the end! Want to be the first one?

Have fun!

By Eric

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3,301 Comments to Amnesya – The Final Riddle Challenge

  1. Christian says:

    need help on lvl 3 with domino signs i know its aries but can’t find anything else

  2. jeff says:

    arrange the word aries..

  3. glaiveXalibre says:

    need help with the level courier new…totally clueless with the web *****…any1 pls help..

  4. bananas says:

    can some1 help me w/ level 45??

  5. Baroo says:



  6. cjmah says:

    i stuck at level 4?

  7. noamiko says:

    baroo wuusaap … longtime no seen

    did you have any progress about level stop ???

  8. nakki says:

    Please can you help me?? I’m on level 40. Show

  9. H says:

    I am on level 19 Spiral mountain
    now i see this alien figure and the piece of wood
    i click on the wood and the 3 flags show
    and its a flag signal code which is tie
    so i enter in Show

    at the bottom and then the alien figure moves to the right
    now i m confused
    what do i do
    wht do i write in the little box at the bottom
    i searched google and the hints says the image tells you what to do
    and i don no wht the image is telling me
    so plz help me if u know the answer

  10. vinyl says:

    level 29
    i know i should find some Show

    but i cant tell which of them exactly…please help!!!

  11. kahzz says:

    plzz pepol!! wot do i do on 40… kno idea !! plz help!! i coodnt unjumble those papers… :P UGH!!!!!!!!

  12. confusedd:) says:

    i need serious helpp on level 18!
    i know its binary!
    i got sonset but it doesnt work!

  13. alpha_2 says:

    HELP !!!
    ive tried like every date in japan for level 35

    plsssssss help me

  14. alpha_2 says:

    *confused)* :
    try use anagram solver for it
    and its Show

  15. hiddencat12 says:

    stuck on level 6 tracks I have the list of all the answers for levels 1-16 but don’t wan’t to use this. can anyone give me a hint.

  16. itachi says:

    help for 33, please

  17. Maria says:

    Any hint for level 47? Show

  18. cucciol58 says:

    i can try the right word at 54 level:-(

    help please

  19. bananas says:

    i need help with level 48!



  20. Maria says:

    I have already tried Show

    and nothing happens!
    Help me.
    I’m stucked at this level for ages!

  21. bananas says:


    should work

    make sure that mp3 is what ends the url. there should be no htm.

    i need help with level 50! i know its a rebus but how do i figure it out?

  22. Lily says:

    I need help with lvl 51!

    Please tell me the answer or a really good hint

  23. bananas says:

    ok got 50!

    now to 51! help! i know I need audacity, but nothing is working wen i put it there. help!

  24. bananas says:

    got 5!

    im on 54!

    here’s wat i have:

    am i on the right track?

  25. bananas says:

    got 54! now to 55…

    i’ve been spending hrs but here’s wat i have:


  26. Clara says:

    Hi! I feel like a total loser, seeing what you guys have, but i need help with level 5!! Show

    Please help me! I am rolling on the ground trying to figure this out. Please help! Thanks to those who do!

  27. mark says:

    how to solve level three? the dominoes of horoscopes

  28. Erik says:

    man, seeing all you guys in the 50’s makes me feel retarded. can someone give me a hint for 17? and please don’t just tell me the answer if you know.

  29. Isa says:

    Lvl 3 Show

    Lvl 5 Show

  30. bananas says:


  31. joaoxxx says:

    level 22 please ……chess lesson

    someone knows the answer tell me!!!


  32. Slurpee says:

    what should i do in tutorial2 ?

  33. Elias says:

    i really need help with level 26 i now what a code of life is and i have found the bases but i have tried everything and it will not work plz plz plz help!

  34. bananas says:

    its been MONTHS and i’m STILL in dire need of help with level 55! Show

  35. stupid says:

    i need help with tutorial riddle thing lol

  36. redtooth says:


  37. Kisha says:

    I need help with the whole thing. Does anybody know all the answers? PLEASE HELP I’M PULLING MY HAIR OUT

  38. razil231 says:

    help 29

    ive been stuck here for months

    please tell me the anwer


  39. Charendeer says:

    can someone help me with lvl 51? i don’t know if the snow one also include in my searching word in google or just the two words? (b******** & wa**h)

  40. LOUKA says:

    help please Level 40
    I draw a map and i’ve found all the piecesShow

    also i found 2 txt files
    please tell me how to re-size the big window because nothing is changing when i resize it …:(
    i know that the map is to find the words using txt file Show

    please explain what is SQUID.DUKES!!!???

  41. NioMar says:

    Stuck in level 46. I have read all the spoilers!!!!

    Please help me or even give me the answer straight away.