Amnesya – The Final Riddle Challenge

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Amnesya - The Final Riddle ChallengeAmnesya - The Final Riddle ChallengeAmnesya – The Final Riddle Challenge is an interesting Riddle game that was released two weeks ago. Your main goal in a Riddle game is to reach the next page by solving the riddles. To do so, just change the last part of the URL (The address of the web page) with the word you found solving the riddle.

How to solve a riddle? Just look for hints and clues anywhere, check the html source code of the current page or use Google (if a web search is necessary, you will find a Google bar on the page in Amnesia).

You may also need to use some image/audio editing applications at some point: check the main page to download some photo or audio free editors and make sure your speakers are turn on!

At the time of writing, 70939 players tried to solve the riddle and none of them managed to reach the end! Want to be the first one?

Have fun!

By Eric

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3,301 Comments to Amnesya – The Final Riddle Challenge

  1. noamiko says:

    it takes me to an error page
    are you sure it suppose to look like that-

  2. LOBO40US says:

    I need help. I previously got up to 42 but moved work and lost everything. I have to start over again and now im stuck on 19. The problem is that my browser I am using now will not load the page and I keep getting a loading message and nothing happens. Can anyone help me PLS!!

  3. emily says:

    im new to this forum and im stuck on level 23 the temple of knowlege
    i know im supposed to use google earth and the numbers are coordinates but no matter what combination i use, i get nothin useful
    please help!!!!
    its been driving me crazy for 2 days now

  4. noamiko says:

    you should search your answer in this website -rensoljd production
    look in google for this one or in older comments in fgn

    and please cansome one help me with AE i have the page

    but it saying its an error page

  5. emily says:

    please someone help me with 23 its driving me crazy, nothing works!!!

  6. noamiko says:

    didnt you find the website i gave
    it in one of the last pages

  7. emily says:

    no i couldnt find the website that u left, could you please leave it again,
    it would be much appreciated

  8. noamiko says:

    search “renzoljd production” in google

  9. emily says:

    i did it tells me what i already knew that they are co ordinates for google earth, i just cant get them to match anythng on the map, theres nothing at those co ordinates

  10. noamiko says:

    there is a place
    you can also try in google maps
    type the coordinates here ifyou dont find it yet
    or maybe your coordinates are wrong

    i dont exactly know which place is this but i think it something like sharon i dont know

  11. KK says:

    for noamiko

  12. noamiko says:

    i dont know what to do anymore
    can you give methe dotless ip
    i stuck in this level for more then a month i think

  13. KK says:

    for noamiko

  14. E.G.E says:

    noamiko ı have tried to answer but my computer didnt work ı think ı found the dotless ip ı controlled when ı wrote it on the ip calculator it gives the ip number of amnesya but when ı wrote it ,it doesnt work please try it : 1049997279

  15. noamiko says:

    thanks ege so much i am on stop!!!

    now what do we do? :S

  16. E.G.E says:

    ı really dont know noamiko and can you give me the link? ı have changed my computer and ı cant find it

  17. E.G.E says:

    nevermind noamiko ı have found it!!

  18. noamiko says:

    i guess we gonna wait until someone will figure it out….

  19. E.G.E says:

    yes:D you are right!!

  20. noamiko says:

    damn it!!!

  21. Cucciol58 says:

    Liv 54
    I now what i have to do
    But i don’t know the exactly value of PH..
    How can i take the exactly value?
    I have seven letters non sense

  22. noamiko says:

    renzoljd production check this web in google…
    sorry i just forgot this level…

  23. rukass says:

    PLEASE… I can’t pass the 41: lonely house
    I found the cipher but I can’t resolve it! This is killing me! PLEASE help

  24. rukass says:

    I just got the original ring! Is there another one?!

  25. Daniel says:

    Hey, i’m stuck on lvl 3, and this side is banned here, so i’m using proxyservers wich cannot show spoilers.. I know the missing one is Show

    , but i don’t know how it can be Show

    Please give me a major idiotsecure hint or the answer.. please..

    .o0(why am i torturing myself)…

  26. tb says:

    I am stuck on level 19 gildo I found zipped runes but I dnt know whats that correct form :( pls helpp!!!

  27. javous says:

    hi can any body help me at lvl 56 i’m really in trouble with this i used the binary codes with 9 letter and shake them with the ice but i dont under stand how to use the rox???

  28. Azwethinkweiz says:

    can anyone tell me the url for level 54. I’ve Lost my bookmark on that level. Don’t worry i have the username and password for levels 51-60. Thanks! ^^

  29. Baroo says:



  30. glaivexalibre says:

    Can someone help me om lv AB…i found the names of the 2nd and 3rd gods but i cant scramble the 1st word into a Show

    . All i get is a medical term…please help!

  31. kaankanat says:

    Guys… Did you find something on Stop?

  32. Markl says:

    Hey everyone I need help with the 4 gates.


  33. bananas says:

    some1 plzz help me w/ lvl 41! i kno wat the guy is saying but how do i find the guy’s name on the quarter dollar? help!!

  34. bananas says:

    i need help w/ lvl 45!! its a weird bathroom! help!

  35. Cheesey says:

    i need help with number 12!! im so stuck and im about to expload!!!! tell me!! please! i beg you!

  36. Baroo says:





  37. bananas says:

    i still need help w/ lvl 45 weird bathroom!


  38. Baroo says:





  39. glaivexalibre says:

    lvel !B

    Hi..can anyone help me with this level..i found the other 2 gods but when i was looking for

    all i found are medical illness not a

    please help.And also where do i look for the comments of each sun gods cuz i cant find it anywhere…

  40. Baroo says:



  41. Dark Wolf says:

    Need help with level 60 =(



    Help pleeaaaaseee

  42. Dark Wolf says:

    tb says:
    May 18, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    I am stuck on level 19 gildo I found zipped runes but I dnt know whats that correct form :( pls helpp!!!


  43. Dark Wolf says:

    Daniel says:
    May 18, 2009 at 1:49 am


  44. glaivexalibre says:

    Level AB

    Thanks…i found all the 3 gods but now what?..i check the sources but theres no hints?..pleas help

  45. Dark Wolf says:

    glaive help me on 60 ='(

  46. saruhan says:

    I need help to solve the light house. I’m in level 60 now, the light house. Is not anybody know it’s answer?
    Please, help me!

  47. bry88 says:

    im so stuck at level 19…i cannot find any text on pic’s properties…pls help me…i want to get over with this…..

  48. camilla says:

    i need help in level 40! i know the first word which is

    but i don’t know the 2nd and 3rd word. i got the 36 pictures and the 2 text files. i arranged the pictures in such a way that it will form a sentence. but what will i do to the bricks? count them?
    and about the *dream.txt, i know that it is referring to the window. but i don’t know the word.
    please help me.

  49. Timo says:

    I neeed seriously help on level 40
    I have all the files, but i don’t understand what to do with them

  50. Baroo says:


    First of all, try decaf.

    No you don’t need to hire an engineer





    There are lots of hints on this forum — next time, spend a little time searching instead of ranting.