The Legacy

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The legacy is the latest Point’n’Click adventure game released by Pixelatrix Games.

“The letter that changed your life out of the blue appeared in your mailbox one day, on a very respectable lawyer’s letterhead.

It tells you that you’ve inherited a very large house in a swanky neighborhood, along with a huge sum of cash, and all you have to do is say “yes”.

Don’t you want to know more about the Legacy, and about your mysterious benefactor?

And why shouldn’t you be curious? After all, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Right?”

Be warned, The Legacy is not a game on the easy side.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.72


83 Comments to The Legacy

  1. Scout88 says:

    Anyone else playing? This one’s just a little too creepy and morose for me. And trying to figure out which key opens what is getting confusing and tedious.

  2. DNOMN8R says:

    It’s a Pixelatrix game…of course there’s something to be afraid of!

    Probably gonna just wait for the walkthrough on this one.

  3. SleepyStudent says:

    I have a Show

    , and found a box that requires a Show

    and I need to find Show


    La Argh.

  4. Scout88 says:

    Stuck with star found on chair near fireplace in the dining room. Also can’t figure out what to do in the chapel.

  5. SleepyStudent says:

    Praise the Lord!

    Found a use for the key from the downstairs living room:

  6. SleepyStudent says:

    Use Show

  7. SleepyStudent says:

    In basement Show

  8. SleepyStudent says:

    Okay, annoying: Show

  9. SleepyStudent says:

    box in living room Show

  10. SleepyStudent says:

    got key Show

  11. SleepyStudent says:



    • Goldlust says:

      Just past where you are, SS – have Show

      to my name, have seen a bunch of Show

      written down and a Show

      with no context as to how to solve it. Any ideas what next?

      • Goldlust says:

        Almost forgot – also a book full of Show

        with what looks like Show

        … but like I said, I only have one of them so far, and no idea what’s being referred to. Help!

      • Goldlust says:

        nvm – found the code, in something I’d looked at already…

  12. alex says:

    does anyone know what to do with the star?

    • Goldlust says:

      Take your time… it comes later. You shouldn’t need a hint to figure it out, when the opportunity presents itself.

    • Scout88 says:

      Once you get into the little girl’s room, there is a box the star fits into.

      • alex says:

        all i have is the star and im lost in the room with the book of crests :P

      • Scout88 says:

        Did you open the box with the faces on it yet? Show

        The order isShow

      • alex says:

        oh wow, i can’t believe i didn’t catch that :P
        thanks :D

  13. Goldlust says:

    Urgh. Got all the way to the Show

    solved puzzles there… now made my way into the Show

    where I got through a Show

    and found a code I can’t crack. Heck, I can’t even mouseclick on it.

    I suspect it has something to do with Show

    but since I can’t mouseclick, I’m pretty much stuck. Nothing left in my inventory either. Help!

  14. mah_honey_toast says:

    I know I’m missing something obvious but how do you get in the house?

  15. mah_honey_toast says:

    o wow found it. i need more patience….

  16. Sharon says:

    has anyone figured out how to open the box with the faces on it?

  17. Scout88 says:

    Well, I’ve finally opened all the doors. I’m now in the study, but not sure I want to proceed as I might “see life no more”!

    • Scout88 says:

      Ugh! Can’t figure out what books/order to open secret door. Anybody else at this point yet? The authors I found were:Show

    • dabududu says:

      anybody know the order of the 6 books?

      • dabududu says:

        never mind got the books mixed up my bad, Show

      • Scout88 says:

        Alphabetical didn’t work for me. Guess I’m using the wrong titles. Anyone care to list them in correct order?

      • Scout88 says:

        Nevermind, I got it. I was alphabetizing the book titles instead of the author names. So the order should be: Show

  18. Goldlust says:

    Out! In case anyone got stuck where I was, apparently there’s somethinge lse you need to do.

    One, you need to prepare something you’ve got. Namely, you need to Show

    by putting it in Show

    in the Show

    Two, you need to use an item / location you haven’t needed to previously. In fact, the game has told you that you Show

    If that’s not enough of a hint:Show

  19. Sanaez says:

    How could I keep into the little girl’s room?
    I was stuck since I have opened the Ms Woodhouse’s bedroom.

    • Sanaez says:

      Okay! I got it!
      But I was stuck again.
      Where could I get the tips about the stars?

    • Joe says:

      I’m stuck in Ms Woodhouse’s bedroom! Don’t know what to do next. I just have the star in my inventory. Three doors to go I think. Don’t know where the little girls bedroom is. There is jewelery I can’t touch in MS Woodhouse’s bedroom and a green bowl? I don’t think I’ve missed a puzzel…? Help please!

  20. Lee says:

    Here is the…. ORDER of 6 Books

  21. Lee says:

    Here is the…. ORDER of 6 Books


  22. Lee says:

    Order of Symbols

  23. Lee says:

    And then…


  24. Lee says:

    when you kill…. the Demon ..(whatever it is…)

  25. Jamesus says:

    Can someone tell me where to find the box with faces on it? Any help would be great thanks!

  26. CountessDeecula says:

    still needs 3 more keys, i’, just going round in circles now. Help please.

  27. CountessDeecula says:

    not found a way into girls bedroom, the attic or the library mentioned above.

  28. Miss D says:

    I just used the crowbar to open the Show

    Does anyone know how to get to that key?

    And does anyone know how to untangle the needle?

  29. goldie says:

    Mis D, the needle. bottom rihgt,bottom left, top, upper right,bottommiddle left, i hope you understand I come from Holland.

  30. BadAtGames says:

    I’ve opened the door that shows the scrabble puzzle and I have a bead, I don’t know what to do, can anyone help get me started??

    • BadAtGames says:

      I’m stuck at a puzzle box that has three buttons (in upstairs bedroom) that look like the green button I got at the begining of the game… no clue what the code is..

  31. BadAtGames says:

    Put the star into the box in the little girls room, but now can’t figure out how to open it? anyone know the code??

  32. Raika says:

    Another masterpiece from Miette

  33. alex says:

    how do you get the hint for the stars?

  34. Gandalf says:

    Ok so….

    All doors are open
    I’m finally at the bookcase
    I know which books to push
    Does anyone know in which order?
    Or don’t i know the location of the Show

  35. goldie says:

    @ G andalf, the books are Matchgirl, quixote, inferno, bleakhouse, odessey, macbeth. Suc6.

  36. Rahulg says:

    what can I do with the key I found in star-box in the girls room??? I tried all doors, I think..

  37. goldie says:

    Done, wonderful game,I play this game for 3 days, thnx for posting.

  38. Miss D says:

    And out, finally! Can’t say I liked the ending though. Seemed a tad lame but that’s my opinion. Still had fun playing anyway.

  39. lxxie says:

    where are the six books?

  40. Venessa says:

    Where is the sword?

  41. JayD says:

    what’s the code for the star box in the girl’s room?
    i can’t figure it out..

    • JayD says:

      nvm, got it.
      what’s the code for the little box at the attic? any help would be nice!

      • Luke says:

        little box in attic code is based on number you get from records in the attic…find the songs from the tape in girls room and the track number is the code

  42. Linds says:

    ugghh creepy face will give me nightmares sigh

  43. Shaynnnaa says:

    okay i seriously don’t see what to do in this sucks

  44. Moxie says:

    AHHH I can’t find the sword. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  45. moscher! says:

    how do i pick up the nitting needle? it won’t let me do anything to the needle or thread?

    • moscher! says:

      ahh done that! but now am stuck in the little shack thing in the garden and only have a star in my inventory?

  46. Susan says:

    How do I get to the little girls room again? I was there once and I forgot.

  47. misaki says:

    AArrrgh! how do i get the key from the Mary statue in the chapel?

  48. misaki says:

    i just finished the game, OMIGOD, thet vampire was sooo scary! i scare waaayy to easily.. dratted nightmares..

  49. crick says:

    please could anybody give me a hint foe the bricks in the chapel ?

  50. Trixxi says:

    Did you guys read the graves outside? lol.