Depict 1

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Depict 1 is an unusual platformer where you “battle a sinister trickster to discover the truth! This ominous re-imagining of classic platforming games will have you questioning your sanity! Darkness! Light! Nothing is what it seems in Depict1!” Your first mission: find the control keys! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.54


28 Comments to Depict 1

  1. cnm says:

    done, but with 1/2 endings? in any case, weird game to control

  2. Belgarion says:

    You must play again to go further and reach the second end. Controls are complex to use, indeed.

  3. Kitty says:

    To get the second end


    • Ihatecomplexity says:

      What twin???!?!??!!

      • Kitty says:

        You have to replay the game after you get the first end. Just click continue and keep going left.


      • Melime says:

        (clearify for Kitty) You have to stand still to wait till the beam disapears. Then you go and get the spikes, save on and shoot him, move towards the gem and you’ll kill him.

  4. Kendall ANderson says:

    i cant move it keeps saying please wait

  5. thisonelives says:

    at the last level you must wait till the light fades away, the jump into a hole in the wall.

  6. tksz says:

    I escaped an other way…


    I tried to do it again but I always failed I guess I was lucky at the first time

    • Digones says:

      No, you wasn’t lucky, it’s actually the way to beat the game, just make sure you’re going right between the crystals and you’ll survive, but your twin wont

  7. James says:

    glad i finished it, took me a few attempts to get it…


    you’ve beaten the game when the screen starts cracking up :D

  8. \zsd says:

    stuck at the part with the black clone thing and it says to live in the cage forever

  9. Esfuerso says:

    found another way to get past ur evil clone Show

    and thats how i did it boys n girls

  10. bigginsjdt says:

    will someone please give a complete and detailed walkthrough to reach the second ending? thank you

    • bigginsjdt says:

      and by that I mean I can’t find the evil cone

      • Aaron says:

        Once you’ve got to the first ending, wait in front of the beam for like a minute, and it will disappear, then you can walk through the wall behind it, and just keep going to reach the clone ending.

  11. klikinova says:

    exelent game! badly you stay with your creation forever.(other end)
    you just stuch with the creation…

  12. wsdfasdf says:


    • Aaron says:

      what isn’t working about it?

      If it’s the controls, you use A and D, not arrow keys, and J to jump and K to shoot the spikes you pick up.

  13. Maxxy44 says:

    when you stand at the symbols, run at him and shoot a spike at him then if you jump he will not

  14. Kameron says:

    :( Stuck on mirror man. I jumped in the crystals but I died >:(