Escape the 13th Floor

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Escape the 13th Floor is the latest Room Escape game created by Selfdefiant, the author of Super Sneaky Spy Guy.

“While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice.

That voice is the last thing you can remember…

There are a lot of floors to explore in this game…

Have fun!

Escape the 13th Floor walkthrough (thanks Genie!)

By Eric

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131 Comments to Escape the 13th Floor

  1. hilman says:

    hahaha, quite easy..
    the puzzles are logic too..
    but in real life, you must have a good stamina to running upstair/downstair. lol

    • christianegl says:

      what i dont understand is that at the end when i turn off all the power the elevator still works and all the lights are still on but the electric power door doesnt is shut off

      • annabelle smith says:

        you are not turning it off you are turning it all on meaning the red squares on the switches are off! ;) hope i helped!!! :L

      • HELP!!! says:

        WHAT! do you mean off?? its not working if I put I all Showing With the red squares or without!!!

    • kayla says:

      How do you finish the game?

      • cailitn says:

        i dont no but what is the password for the computer

      • Jade says:

        the password its lie, because it says the papers are all blue, therefore the poster on the wall has ‘believe’ on, and the ‘lie’ its in blue hightlight

    • stalkerish that u want to konw my name says:

      umm ok how do u get the key!!!in the room on the 13th floor or press the button by the stage!!!!!!!! itz driving me crazy!

  2. autumn says:

    Code for the safe in lawyers office drives me mad…help!

  3. Genie says:

    Just a couple of things tripped me up but generally not as involved as SSSG games.

    Here’s a complete walkthrough:

    Computer password: Show

    Safe combination: Show

    Code is: Show

    What I don’t understand is why exit on the 1st floor? Do buildings not have a ground floor?

  4. goldie says:

    I love these games, thnxxxxxx.

  5. PuzzleMan says:

    Was stuck after getting staff

  6. dying4you says:

    Neat game, nice graphics. Although I really think it should be called “Escape building” instead of “Escape the thirteenth floor” because Show

  7. xoxoxo says:

    Um i looked at the walkthrough but instead of a torch i have a flashlight with no batteries! was dong fine without the walkthrough until this point sum1 help

    • Calvin says:

      Torch may also refer to:
      In Britain, very often, the type of portable electric light which in the USA is called a ‘flashlight'”

    • pluq says:

      in some other English speaking countries it is not called a flash light, but a torch…. you would wonder about a battery operated torch eh?

      • digifreek says:

        lol it would be funny to have a battery operated torch, you press a button and it shoots fire! Wait… wouldn’t that be a flamethrower?
        Possible secret use for it: if you get frustrated by the puzzles, you can just burn the door down!
        LOL LOL!!!

    • jdub says:

      the torch is the flashlight…it’s just the british term for it. if you keep reading the walkthrough, it tells you how to get the batteries for it. :)

  8. Ronan says:

    What i don’t get is why is it called ”Escape The 13th Floor”? Shouldn’t it be called ”escape the building” because technically when you go to floor 12 for the first time you have escaped the 13th floor and technically have won the game!

  9. Nadine says:

    gosh what a procedure…but I love the game :D

  10. gamer92 says:


  11. GRRRR!!! says:

    I put in the safe combination and nothing happens…what the heck?
    isnt it 5-8-6-4???

    HELP I am determined to finish this game

  12. Martin says:

    Thanks for the symbols earth, water, moon and fire and it was a little bit hard. lol!!

  13. Martin says:

    Hey game developer and walkthrougher, thankyou for helping me beat the 13th floor game because it was very tought and hard and with your guidance I managed to grab the crystal ball and put it on the lever to gain the sword I needed to use to grab the golden key and use it to get in to the janitor’s room and I switched all the switches off and I got to the electric door and got out of the 13th floor escape game and beat the game so thankyou very much and I do not have to play that game anymore if I do not want to! The End.

  14. Anonymus says:

    oh god at last i went to the end… this game i think i was a detector for one moment….that’s really very cool for been a detector…….i love this game very much…….coooooool

  15. Anonymous says:


    try these

  16. chappman says:

    when i put the dollar in the machine, it doesn’t give me a quarter back, HELP!!!

  17. Bethanie says:

    im stuck at the trying to cut the rope to Show

    what do i cut it with???

  18. Flower says:

    Thanks! It worked for me!

  19. hi says:

    what do you do when you have the blackkey

  20. hi says:

    can some one help me the walkthrough is not working for me

  21. juicyfruit says:

    How do I get Show

    after I put the computer code in?

  22. reilly says:

    where is the last quarter

    • sharli says:

      you get one quarter in change for the dollar, you find the rest in vending machines around and about i think. one is on the 13th floor, one is on the 10th floor, and the other is on another floor i can’t remember. read the complete walkthrough at the beginning, i found them using that.

  23. coco says:

    click the believe poster twice the combination is Show

  24. PUP says:

    What’s the point of these fuses? in Show

  25. sharli says:

    you would think that when you complete the game it would Show

    i was a bit disappointed… :/

  26. POed says:

    I didnt grab the quarter from the change machine n now its gone. WHOLE GAME RUINED!!

  27. Thanie says:

    how do you get the golden key now i’m stuck

  28. calvinvliegen says:

    how can i cut the rope with the golden key?

  29. Helper_1 says:

    To get the golden key Show

    not sure how to finish though

  30. Helper_1 says:

    to finish Show

  31. Dave says:

    where is this dollar that you put in the change machine?

  32. Spadde says:

    I have been playin this game for a week i got all of the promps but the sword, nija star, crystal ball and the stick. Thanks for the code to open the safe which is 8456. Once i recieved the code to the safe it was a breeze from there this was a confusing but very fun game.

  33. tofu says:

    where is the dollar?

  34. tofu says:

    omg i found the dollar!!!!

  35. girl person says:

    what do you put on the thingy to get the sword?

  36. Kitty says:

    A good game but the title is a little dumb, I mean you escape the 13th floor long before you escape the building, so doesn’t that mean you’ve won the game?

  37. BEX12345 says:


  38. TheAnswers:) says:


  39. me says:

    how do you take out the pie behind the battry masjien

  40. mini says:

    wat is the computer code

  41. Yellowbaby says:

    What do i do with the flashlight??????

    • FunkyPig says:

      once you have the flashlight, go to the 2nd floor and put 4 quarter dollars in the machine and then u get the batteries. then you…. check with “genie”- if you can’t find “genie”, then go to the top of the web page, click on edit, then at the bottom, find on page, type in genie, click next and she has said Heres the full walkthrough… CLICK SHOW!!!! hope this helps

  42. LOLOLOL says:

    What does the message mean on the computer????

    please help me out someone been stuck on this game for ages!!!

  43. pig says:

    i clockkkked ittt brrrreee haaarrrrd

  44. lmj2001 says:

    I just need help its kind of hard for me

  45. bob says:

    thanx for the help Genie
    x :)

  46. cheekymonkey says:

    I don’t know what to do I’m stuck

    please someone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Zoii says:

    I flipped all the circuits, everything that’s in place is. I’ve done everything but I can’t get out >.>

  48. QuackyQuack says:

    The password for the computer is Show

  49. aming says:

    i thought he can jump from the window :)

  50. Laurie says:

    To Genie, who wrote this: First of all, thank you!

    If no one else told you already, in the United States the first floor is the ground floor. I know in the UK it goes ground floor, then 1. Also, “lift” = elevator, “torch” = flashlight, etc. (We think a torch is fire on a stick.)