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Satanorium is the latest Point’n’Click horror adventure game from Belugerin Games. “Your car broke down at an abandoned hospital, its up to you to look around and save the trapped girls!” Nice graphics but creapy scenario: not recommended for a young audience! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.69


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  1. Genie says:

    Anyone playing? It’s somewhat buggy…I’ve picked up a Show

  2. An9k1 says:

    Anyone know what the kode for the computer is?

  3. Genie says:

    Well I hope you others have better success than I. I found the interaction with challenges erratic and I can’t get past the computer password – the in game walkthrough is of no help. I’ll leave you with my text walkthrough as far as I got:


    Annoying game, great graphics but too buggy to make it enjoyable plodding through. I also accidentally reset it (meaning to reset this page looking for other players for help) so won’t be restarting.

    Good luck!

  4. Fudge says:

    I used my scissors to Show

    • Genie says:

      I did exactly the same. I didn’t get as far as needing the scissors but you will probably need to restart now rather than get too far and then have to do so.

      To open that door: Show

  5. Fudge says:

    I just can’t get the spell to work!

    • Mattie says:

      God damn!!! Have done the spell correct, and go back up too get the camera, but I can’t click it!!!!! It’s kind of unvisible!?!?!?

  6. hilman says:

    hemm considering not playing this game anymore
    too bad, the graphic is good, although i feel like i’m playing “silent hill” game
    (entering another dimension, lots of shocking moment with ghost)

    anyway, feels funny that such old abandoned hospital has new type of air conditioned system and lcd monitor on front desk. lol. i think the creator should learn history first ;) j/k

  7. Cr4zyGuy says:

    Does anyone know the password that’s needed at the computer?

    I tried so many things but nothing helps >.<

  8. Scoobs says:

    Finally figured out the password. The code relates to the bit of paper you pick up in reception. 1,1 = i 1,2 = n 1,3 = t relates to the first line of the note ie.
    the first number relates to the line while the second number relates to the letter in that line hence the password is

    Please note that despite it saying 8,10 for the last letter it actually relates to the 7th line and 10th letter – there is no 8th line.

  9. cnm says:

    i can’t find the encryptor, does anybody know where it is?

  10. Monte49 says:

    I am having trouble putting the candles down with all the other stuff. any help

  11. Monte49 says:

    – Click ironpipe below the car on the left
    – Open inventory by pressing ‘I’ or click on I symbols on top right of the screen
    – Click the ironpipe on inventory (when you click on each item it will show a menu), choose Use
    – Wait for the guard for turning back, click on the guard
    – Click flashlight, key and lighter
    – Click bottom screen (you will see and arrow) to go back
    – Click front gate
    – Use key on the inventory to open the padlock
    – Open the gate
    – Go right, you will find an old-rusty jeep
    – Go left, you will find a door and some area near the door
    – (when on the right side of the hospital) , Click jeep
    – Click gas can to take it
    – Click left screen to go back (there’s an arrow)
    – Go to the left until you’re on the left side of the hospital
    – Click on the area near the door to go there
    – Click the tube
    – Combine the tube and the gas can in the inventory using combine button
    – Go back to the right until you find the jeep, and click on the jeep
    – Click the gas tank lit to open it
    – Use Combined tube and gas can to the gas tank
    – You will get a filled gas can with gasoline
    – Go back to the left, click on the door to go inside the warehouse
    – Click on the scissors to take it
    – Click on the cabinet on the right you will find a locked cabinet
    – Click on the gate which is there’s a generator inside it
    – Use scissors on the rope , but it won’t work, the scissors is broken
    – Use filled can on the rope
    – Use lighter on the rope
    – The rope will burned and you can open the gate
    – Click the generator , there will be a dialog
    – Click on arrow below to go back
    – Still on the warehouse, there’s a piece of paper on the floor that you can click
    – Click the paper, you will see a notes
    – The main objective of the mini-game is to put the fuse on the slot until you get a 20 Ampere (you can see each of Ampere value of each fuse)
    – Click the generator lever , and the generator is turn on
    – Click a battery near the generator
    – Combine battery and flashlight, you can use it later
    – Now you can go inside the hospital, which is when you do that before you turning the generator on you will see nothing than dark
    – Go back until you back to the front of the hospital
    – Click the front door of the hospital to go inside
    – Click the front desk
    – Take power cable and some notes
    – Click on the hall
    – Click the first door
    – You will see a cabinet with 2 doors. Click the right door to open it
    – Take a book inside the cabinet
    – Notice a small object on the center of the cabinet, click to take the cabinet key
    – Go back to the warehouse
    – Use the key to open the padlock
    – Open the cabinet, you will find a hammer without an holder , click to take it
    – Go back to the area near the door,
    – There’s an holder near the drums, click to take it
    – Combine the holder with the hammer-head to get a real hammer
    – Go back to the lobby hospital and go to the hall
    – Click on the third door,
    – The door is sealed by a wooden board which is nailed to the wall
    – Use the hammer to loose the nail
    – Open the board, go inside the door
    – Take the stetoschope on the table
    – Open the right door, use the stetoschope to the safe to start another mini-game
    – In this mini-game, the main objective is to crack the safe which is has two different mechanical system
    – There’s two combination keys, turn each of it until you hear a different click on each then stop turning
    – You will notice (before entering mini-game mode) there’s a clue on the wall, it belongs to safe combination number, the number is 23463
    – When it’s done you will see a lots of money inside the safe and also another piece of paper, click on the paper to take it.
    – Go back to the hall
    – Go back to the lobby
    – Go right you will see a stairs, go up
    – Click on right / left door
    – You will go hallucination, click on left / right door until you found the clue.
    – The clue on the wall, it says: 1-2-1-1-2
    – The clue is the combination door, so choose the door as the clue said, the number 1 mean the left door and number 2 mean the middle door.
    – Click sequence: left door, middle door, left door, left door, middle door (1 – 2 – 1 – 1 -2).
    – If you succeed go through the right door
    – Click on the 1st drawer
    – Take the external storage drive
    – Click on the paper, you’ll see a riddle
    – Go back, use the power cable on the CPU
    – Use the external drive storage to the CPU
    – Click the power button to turn on the computer
    – To get password of the computer, you have to decode a poem which is got from the front desk, the decoder is got from the safe you cracked. After that you will know the password is “satan”, input it.
    – Double – Click on each file to view
    – Double – Click important files folder , you will see summoning and map file, each txt file and jpg file
    – Double click on each to view
    – Close the computer by clicking Prev (<) and Exit (X) buttons
    – Click bottom arrow
    – You’ll having another hallucination
    – This time you’ll see something on the floor, click on it
    – You’ll know on another mini-game mode. The main objective is preparing a ritual to summon a soul
    – You’ll find a clue about how to complete the summoning ritual on the black book , click on it to see the black book
    – Place the red candle on the top
    – Place the purple candle on top left
    – Place the green candle on bottom left
    – Place the grey candle on top right
    – Place the blue candle on bottom right
    – Place the white candle on the bottom
    – Click the yellow powder
    – Click the red chalk first, then click the third symbol (which is more like a regular triangle);
    – Click the green chalk, then click on the second symbol;
    – Click the blue chalk then click on the first symbol
    – Click the book, go to next page of the book
    – Choose the spell (red colored text)
    – Then there will be a dialog between Catherine and little ghost
    – Go up stair again
    – Click right door
    – Take the handycam
    – Go back to the lobby
    – Go to the bathroom
    – Click the switch to turn off the light, then click use on the inventory for handycam
    – You will go to nightvision mode, look to the right screen , you will see there is a secret door.
    – Click on the secret door
    – Go front until you found a hall, use the flashlight (with battery) on the inventory, and search for the lever.
    – Go to the next door.
    – You will see a cutscene then you will encounter the boss , guardian of professor gregor.
    – You can won the battle by find all pieces of lost spell for unsummoning the guardian. Besides that, you have a few spell for preventing the guardian attack you. If you failed to prevent the guardian from attack you, you will instantly die and game over.
    – That will be the end of the game. ☺

    • rhwei says:

      where do you get the scizzors from. thanks

    • Blair says:

      iv’e done the same thing in the ritual but its not working….:( nOw…WHAT TO DO..??????

      • Blair says:

        the book says 1st red 2nd purple 3rd green 4th grey after doing that there is a dialog it says:”i remembered about previos e-mail that i read about reverse position between white n black candle >> Maybe there’s something about it.” Then 4th is white n the last nearby red is the blue candle.

      • Blair says:


      • jazzy says:


  12. Monte49 says:

    so once you are fighting the last demon use the spells until they all go red. then start looking around the room for little white pieces of paper to fill the book. it will give you the death code.

    Make sure that you have used everything in your inventory or you will not be able to pick up the cmera.

  13. Me says:

    can’t get the safe to open. never. restarted again and again. too frustrating. giving up.

  14. panji says:

    where the lever?

  15. cierra says:

    the lever is on the far right in the middle of the wall. u have to move ur curser around til it says “some lever”

  16. Dietrich says:

    ok, i’ve look at some walkthroughs trying to get by the summoning part, but none of these combinations that i’ve tried are working, what the hell?

  17. 021 says:

    i cant find the lever plz help me

  18. Emo says:


  19. jaxxons11 says:

    i cant find the pipe at the begging where the heck is it?

  20. PlayerUno says:

    I’ve tried going through three times now and I still can’t pick up the camera off the study desk. This is a good game but it’s too broken. How could you possibly open the safe without a walkthrough, considering the clue the game gives you leads to the wrong number? Bah, shame, the graphics are nice.

  21. lolz says:

    where is the encryptor

  22. precx says:

    can’t find the lever T_T

  23. sarah says:

    wow this is glitchy. you cant do anything out of order or you will get stuck. i cant pick up the camera. i did everything right..just in a weird order. i guessed the password was “satan” before getting the clue. pretty simple password. so after all this time playing this game i cant even finish it. boo.