Crazy Mammoths

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Crazy MammothsCrazy MammothsCrazy Mammoths is the latest game created by JP from Just released a few minutes ago, this small actionarcade game is “a little time waster”, involving four frozen Mammoths in a crazy race.

Just use your spacebar to control your Mammoth (jump) and… voila!

Keep in mind that the friction of the air increases when you lead the race, and it slows your mammoth down. The others racers will try to jump and jump again over you to take the lead. Simply jump at the right time to keep them behind!

Crazy Mammoths includes a championship, very entertaining, and a challenge mode, less exciting. It also includes a 4 players mode, each player using a different key to control his mammoth (ctrl, spacebar, enter and up arrow respectively).

Crazy Mammoths is nicely polished, and the championship mode is very fun to play, but the lack of music is may be not a good point.

“Have you tried to click the Mammoth and the Penguin” in the Main screen, Jp asked? Hum, there is even a bit of Point’n’Clickery in Crazy Mammoths!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.50


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  1. Megan says:


    good luck.
    this games addicting.