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Loved is an unusual platformer from Alexander Ocias where you are constantly asked what you want to do, and your answers and choices will have consequences on your gaming experience. Loved is a short game, but the replay value is excellent, thanks to the different endings! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.63


14 Comments to Loved

  1. gamergirl2010 says:

    aaaaannnnddd done! it was really cute, but a little too short

  2. Falael says:

    Stupidest game of the year. it lacks a “real” ending

  3. guest says:

    I loved it, indeed. The “Why do you hate me? I loved you.” ending kind of reminded me of Portal’s GLaDOS.

  4. osmodiar says:

    Tried to be creepy and interesting and failed. Try Silent Conversation instead.

  5. Naes says:

    I’m afraid there will be some sort of screamer in this game.

    Is there?

    • Turchx says:


      I enjoyed this game because it was interesting, thought provoking, artisitic, and unique. Although I’ve only been able to obtain two endings in my 10 tries I hear there is a third one, and I also found out the developer added a “little secret” in an update Im yet to find. Here are my endings


  6. guest says:


    Nope, no screamers. Though I’d like to know if anyone’s found more than two different endings?

  7. Snowman says:

    Note: FAILing a test will cause many pixels to appear on the screen. PASSing a test will change some of the boring pixels into a picture. (Barbs turn from red squares to spikes, statue turns from green squares to statue, on those tests respectively)


  8. urmelhelble says:

    Could anybody make a video walkthrough? No matter what I try, I keep getting reset to the start.

  9. exphos says:

    i found it scary, but, i found a hidden place,


    • AO? says:


  10. chris says:

    i have found five endings!

  11. Boffy says:

    The thing talking to you reminds me of GlaD0s.