Soccer Balls

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Soccer Balls is the latest physics-based puzzle game from LongAnimals and robotJAM. “This time its football with a difference, no goals, you just have to get a red card from the bald referee. To do that just hit him with the ball over 36 increasingly more difficult levels.” Have fun!

Soccer Balls video walkthrough!

By Eric

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17 Comments to Soccer Balls

  1. Unowninator says:

    Is it possible to beat every level using ONLY 1 ball? (Just give me a simple yes or no). Thanks.

  2. Unowninator says:

    And on level 27, how do you kill the guy on the right? I can’t get the ball to hit him.

    • DNOMN8R says:

      You have to

      Now trying to get the bottom switch on 33 – any hints?

      • Andy says:

        There’s little room for error in that shot. Basically, with the guy to the left of the switch, get as much power and as much angle as you can get to make an arc to the switch. If you do it right, the ball will bounce off the switch out of the pit and back to the guy. You have to push it as much as you can though. If you go too steep or too powerful, it should just bounce right back to you.

    • Samuel says:

      I had that trouble too. Now I found it.

      Are we talking about the ref at the far right? All I can say is use the player from the far left and make the ball bounce just right.

  3. Bman says:

    Peter Crouch’s Donkey kong

    • Prosthetic Lips says:

      I agree. Sometimes the ball thinks it hit something 2 ball lengths after the second set of spikes. Maybe I’m just missing something…

  4. Andy says:

    There is at least one level when the “More Games” button interferes with the game itself.

  5. BoredGuy says:


  6. Jay says:

    I can’t seem to get the ball up fast enough in level 31. I have tried everything to get it up quick.


  7. Samuel says:

    Need the hint in level 27 please!

  8. Reverotti says:

    I need help on Level 10!

  9. Fred says:

    Please help with level 29 my babies heavvyyy impossible