Escape from Piano Room

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Escape from Piano Room is the latest Room Escape game released by Tesshi-e, the author of The Escape Hotel 2, Mild Escape 3, Escape to the Spa, Escape from the Small Bar, Escape from Tatami Room, Escape from the Snowman’s Room, Escape from Tesshi-e Room, Escape of Santa Claus 3, Escape from Bed Room and many more.

Have fun!

Note: scroll down to play the game.

Escape from Piano Room video walkthrough!

By Eric

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6 Comments to Escape from Piano Room

  1. saladdd says:

    This game is relatively easy but I think the most difficult part is the code under the picture
    just give you a hint:
    +e means adding a letter ‘e’
    I’ve also made a video walkthrough for it
    just have a look if you really need help

  2. MiniTaurus says:

    It’s time to sleep but I give it a try anyway ^^

  3. osmodiar says:

    I would not describe this game as easy. Here’s the text walkthrough from EG24 for those who prefer it.

  4. osmodiar says:

    I had a hard time with the scale. Show