Exit Path

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Exit Path describes itself as a “multiplayer and uniplayer guantlet-style racing game through perilous traps and platforms.

Advance through 30 uniplayer levels or take on other challengers in multiplayer.

Earn 60 different pieces of flair to dress up and show your competitors what you’ve accomplished.”

Developed by John Cooney for Armor Games, one of the most talented Flash developer.

You can’t go wrong giving Exit Path a try!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.30


12 Comments to Exit Path

  1. amin says:

    good game

  2. Sol says:

    Yes, polished game & cool music. Thanks for sharing!
    … umm, when you’re 300 m from the city limit, how do you get past the giant spiky wheels?? I mean the place after the conveyor belt at the start?

    • Sol says:

      Oh boy!! I found a way, but is it meant to be that finger-knotting?

  3. Sol says:

    And for the lasers at 100 yards from the city line I recommend Show

  4. parker says:

    how do you get that one realy hard flair on level 19 to finish getting all the uniplayer flairs… i got them all there is just the one in the very bottom corner i canot get?

    • adam says:

      are you talking about the sign that is under the level?
      if so Show

  5. JP says:

    where is the warning sign on the last level, the exit screen?

  6. applecider says:

    doesnt anyone know where level 30’s warning sign is?? i cant find it anywhere >.<

  7. elufard says:

    anyone can tell me how to pass stage 24? i got stuck on the 2nd jump with 4 axes